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  1. UPSer 1998

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    I talked to my supervisor today about a transfer to another hub and he told me i needed to write this paper, but i dont quite understand exactly what I have to write about, but it sounds like its school related. Can anyone help me with this issue?
  2. UPSer 1998

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    BTW, all i know so far is that I have to write about why I am transfering and for what reasons, obviously its for school reasons. What else do I write about?
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    It is school related because you can only transfer if it is so that you can attend a college near the other hub. Just apply at a college near the hub/center you want to transfer to and once you have an acceptance letter in hand you will need to write, or type, a statement on a piece of paper stating that you want to transfer from your current hub to the other building for educational purposes. Sign it and take those papers, (the acceptance letter and the statement), to the head of HR. You've already told your sup you want to transfer so now you should just deal with the head of HR because they are usually the person that has the final say on hiring. They might even be the one that signs off on who is hired at the hub you want to move to if it's in the same district. That's why my transfer went "semi-smooth." Dealing with my HR rep. helped allot. The problem most people have is dealing with the sups. Some will try and stall, or even block, a transfer if they need that person bad enough. That's why I say just go to the head of HR.
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    I think that's what happened to me. Never could prove it happened, of course, but I suspected it. In my case, I don't think my full-time sup was the problem. I think it was the sort manager that stepped in and put the "go slow" order in the file. What a man, by the way. Very old school, etc. A few days after my announcement of my planned transfer/separation, I was pretty quiet--lot on my mind, etc. I was an irreg worker on my hub's primary and had just pulled a cart to the belt when the control room door swung open and my full-time supervisor came flying out. I tensed, waiting for a reaming (for what, you never knew). He just smiled slightly and asked what the problem was. I told him, "J, I really have to get back to work. If I don't, B is gonna tear me apart!" He waved that off and said, "You both work for me! He won't say a word to you if he sees we're talking." I sighed and told him the problem--car wreck two days earlier, the school transfer, etc, etc. He wasn't a maroon, he knew which was really bothering me since the car-wreck wasn't major, just a headache I didn't need. He said, "Listen. I was 19, 20 years old, working for UPS. I had two great choices--work for UPS full-time or continue my education. I chose to work for UPS full-time over my education. If there was one thing--one thing--I could do over, that would be it." My mouth hit the floor. He nodded and walked away. He'd made his point. I mean, I had thought to myself, "This guy is making great money, a job pretty much for life, etc, etc. He must be pretty happy!" I was wrong. I separated from UPS at the end of Peak 2004 and returned in December 2006 as a helper. Sorry for the rant but maybe it will serve somebody's purpose. -Rocky
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    Hmmmm........we've got FT and PT supervisors leaving faster than they can be replaced. Your friend was right......finish your education.
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    I agree, Trick. I'm working for UPS til my school schedule isn't compatible with UPS's sort schedule. I don't want to be tied to one company for the rest of my life! At least, not at this point At the time of the conversation, I got the impression he would have left if he could have found something. Unfortunately, lacking an education, his options were severely limited. My understanding is he's still in the hub, doing the same job. -Rocky