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The only language for transferring for educational reasons in the contract that I am aware of is for part-time (Article 22 Section 6). Maybe if the education you are seeking is to preform a job that UPS is in demand of they may make exceptions. All you can do is ask, probably someone in HR or the labor department. Best of luck.


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To my knowledge you cannot transfer, but if your a good employee they will re-hire you at the bottom of the seniority list. If you are in the union you carry the union years with you.


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I know they let a part time guy transfer down from Ohio to the smaller Tampa center in our city because he said the program was only offered by USF or something like that and he could not get the program offered by any school within any reasonable distance from his hub back in Ohio.

I've seen it with a clerk at night as well. She wanted to attend USF over UCF in Orlando and they let her transfer all of her part time seniority from the Orlando hub to ours in Tampa.

What I was told by those two is that it required A LOT of signatures and division manger approval from your current hub, to your new hub and IF they have posistions open for you in the new hub you intend to go to. But like I said, I've only seen it happen with part timers that are in college.

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I've heard about full-time drivers transferring in hardship cases and that those are rarely approved. I transferred as a part-timer and that was hard enough. On paper, or in theory, a part-time transfer should be a relatively fast and simple provess. It's the management end of the deal that delays it. You have to be a pest about it or it won't go through. In my area this what is needed to transfer:

1) At least one year of service with UPS
2) A written letter by the employee wishing to transfer stating that they want to transfer
3) Approval from HR (the top dog in HR in your district) and your full-time supervisor

A transfer is supposed to be approved only if you are doing it for education reasons so some sups try and use that to their advantage. The main example of which is asking for proof that you will be attending a college in the area where you want to transfer to. My full-time sup asked for a copy of the acceptance letter to the university and a copy of my class schedule but neither was required. Some people initite the transfer way before they are even accepted to a college and some even start the process before they even apply. I wanted to already be settled at the new location well before starting school so I didn't yet have any proof that I would be going to school. It was a mess but I pushed through it. That is the key. You have to keep at them or it won't happen. As far as seniority aren't supposed to keep your seniority when you transfer but if you transfer to a smaller location you might actually move up the latter at the location much faster. That's what happened to me.