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    Hello everyone I just have a quick question. I am looking into purchasing a new cell phone and I understand as a FedEx Express employee I am eligible for a pretty decent discount on my cell plan and accessories. I was thinking about ordering it online. In order to recieve the discount online they ask for your employee email. I know what my employee email address is, but my question is how do I access it? Can I only access it via intranet at work? I have never had to use it before. The reason I ask is because once I entered my employee email for the discount on verizons home page and hit submit. It verified that I was elegible for a discount on service but in order to go any farther I need to access my email. Thanks
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    Much easier to do it in person. Just go to a Verizon store and bring your work ID with you. BTW, we also get discounts with Sprint and AT&T, in case you're interested.

    To access your email at work, get to a 'green screen' and type in 'mail' and login as normal.
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    We have the same requirements here and, as LT said, it is much easier to do it in person.


    T-mobile too...I think Sprint has the best discount.
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    I've had Verizon for a few years. I think we were getting 20% off.
    I just got a notice that the discount is now 22% off.
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    Thanks guys.
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    22% discount with Verizon is correct. That's for phones/accessories and plans.