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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Reddriver, Nov 19, 2007.

  1. Reddriver

    Reddriver New Member

    been experiencing some harassment at work, was wondering if anyone knew the number for employees to call? thanks
  2. Reddriver

    Reddriver New Member

    I have tried to find the number at work but cannot...I cannot find it on either any help?
  3. dillweed

    dillweed Well-Known Member

    That number should be posted on a bulletin board at your center. If not, ask your union rep.

    The number shouldn't be used lightly. It's only for situations that are not taken care of by any management person in your building.

    Any way you can share your situation here? Many of us have been through the same type of thing and may be able to help you deal with it.
  4. Fighting4yourRights

    Fighting4yourRights Heavy Weight

    Dillweed is exactly right. If none of what was said is an option to you, and your district ERM / Sups are no help - the number is 800-220-4126.

    Best of luck and please let us know if we can help!
  5. leastbest

    leastbest LeastBest

    Speak to the person in question with a steward present and ask for the harassment to stop. Remind them that both the UPS Policy Book and the contract state that you are to be treated with respect and dignity. Document everything and if it continues file a grievance.
  6. Reddriver

    Reddriver New Member

    Just some very derogatory insults being slung by a few coworkers and a couple sups....dont feel I can trust management or the union steward to make it stop.
  7. rod

    rod retired and happy

    How about just growing a pair and standing up for yourself. You've got a long road ahead if your want someone else to always fight your battles for you.
  8. Reddriver

    Reddriver New Member

    I don't know how to verbally change the attitudes of these bigoted morons and if I raise my fists, I'm the one to get fired. I guess I should just grin n bear it.
  9. happybob

    happybob Feeders

    You nned to go through the chain of comand. If it is supervisors that are being rude and biggoted, then go to the management level above them. Please be careful to write down all the comments, with dates, times and people involved, including the perptrators. If that step doesn't resolve your pains then you should take it up with Human Resources, again writing down dates, times etc of whom you have spoken with. Biggotry is serious accusations and should be treated as such by all levels of management. File a grievance with your shop steward. If he doesn't resolve these issues then you have a paper trail. Contact your local union. Please, please, write down all your contacts from this point forward. If all these steps don't resolve this problem, then yes I would contact the 1-800#, but also a lawyer, because the problem shouldn'
    t have to get this far. Good luck.
  10. leastbest

    leastbest LeastBest

    If there is only one thing I can give to the younger guys is DOCUMENT EVERYTHING. I carry a palm pilot (pda) and everything is documented. It has saved my growing behind many many times.

    I also carry a digital camera and take pictures of 0/70s that aren't labelled properly. I then put those pictures into the palm pilot. It's great to pull it out and show them when there is a problem.