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    And if skipping your lunch costs you an hour of OT-that's $37. By the way, I'm sure UPS will disipline drivers when the gps shows that they are working through lunch-NOT!!!
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    You have to remember that the hour of lunch worked is actually an overtime hour at time and a half. You have to add a half a million.
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    42$ an hour
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    Our center has been handing out warning letters for skipping lunch since October. At least 3 guys have received them. I was given a verbal warning for skipping 25 minutes (it was a Friday, I had an 8-hour request and 10 hours of work.) We used to have quite a few that skipped lunch regularly and a lot that skipped on Fridays. Not any more.

    It really sucked covering routes for people that skipped lunch. DMs would ask "how come you're way over??" me, "because the regular skips their lunch."

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    Its a no brainer. everyone needs at least a few minutes to sit and relax, refuel, listen to the radio, read a book...whatever. many companies REQUIRE their employees to take a full hour unpaid. I take one break during my lunch which is paid...they are paying me to sit there and read a book...nice. If everyone is required to take a lunch maybe they will add a route or two , like they did at my barn. The main reason many places are starting to gey tough on this is because of the lawsuit in california, which cost ups millions. I sit there for 30 minutes unpaid, and 15 minutes paid, and actually it goes faster than most people think. If you absolutely have too much work to not be able to get a lunch call in...its not your problem. Its so interesting to me how there are some drivers who think that they can get any amount of work done in under 9.5, and that there is no such thing as dispatch overloading them. Sorry to bust your bubble, but there are times where ups gives you more work than what you can get done SAFELY, with a lunch in the given amount of time.
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    The CA lawsuit is the reason given for the warning letters.

    I think it is interesting that at the post office, if a carrier is in an accident and it is found that the person did not take their break, they are automatically 'at-fault.'

    We have to take 60 minutes a day, 20 paid, 40 unpaid. I usually take 2 breaks...

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    Now now, his name is SLOW driver people :P
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    We have to put 45 minutes in for our lunch break and they have the OMS check when we get in off the road. If we have something going on that night and would like to get done early, we have to ask permission to take a shorter lunch--it is normally denied. It has everything to do with the lawsuit in California.

    Slow, your math was a little off. 45 minutes at $42.30/hour is $31.725 ($31.73)
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    Ours is an hour unpaid, 10 mins paid. Has to go into the board.. By the time you've sat somewhere for 70 mins you really don't want to go back to work.
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    Here we have two paid 15 minute breaks and an unpaid half hour or hour lunch, your choice. If you skip your lunch you can get in trouble, but if you skip your paid breaks nobody says anything.
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    Are they skipping lunch but still putting the time in their board? Example:1200 to 1300 but working during this time? If so that's falsifying records. Here if you only take 30 min the other 30 min is added to your end time. Meaning if you punch out at 1800 and have 30 min of lunch left your time will show 1830 total paid time.