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    Just wanted to say hello and of course I have the ton of questions. I looked through the forums for a lot of answers but also wanted to put a few here as well so...
    First off thanks for any replies. I know we are all busy so I appreciate it.

    I recently applied to UPS, went to the first meeting, received a call asking me if I would like to work for UPS and have a driving test scheduled. The position I applied for was Seasonal full time driver. I've been in another profession for twenty years and have been eyeing positions at UPS for awhile. I always work hard and keep my head down. It would seem I am looking for a change so I've started on this path. I would like it to be paermanent but if I understand correctly the seasonal driver position ends after the holidays and the likelihood of being called for a permanent full time job is very very unlikely?
    Also being seasonal full time will I actually get full time hours? What are the chances of overtime?
    I assume that I will have to buy my own health benefits as I have read that seasonal workers do not get them until a year has passed? Are you able to purchase them through UPS at any reduced rate?
    I have also seen two different rates of pay for the week long training-any clarification would be great.
    I was told the postion starts Oct 1.

    I live in the RI area and would like very much to be able to go full time but I assume that there must be a huge waiting list so I am weighing the facts that I know so far. I have other jobs available now that are year round and pay a decent salary with benefits however I very much would like to go the UPS route. I have three years of college as well and while not a spring chicken (under40) any more I am in very good shape, understand putting in a day w/UPS will be a long hard day but I welcome that.
    Any input would be great and my apologies for the many questions that are redundant.
    The position starts Oct 1.
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    Hi Brownisaround.

    I hope you get the job that you are seeking. Everyone else knows more about this stuff than I do...

    Welcome to our forum. :wink2:
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    Hello Brownisaround:

    I copied your post and made it the starting point of a new thread titled "Seasonal Driver Questions" , which can be in the UPS discussions forums which is where many viewers look.

    By 10:00 pm tonight, I think you will have a few replies whereas here , it may not been seen and hence not replied to often.

    In case you can't figure out which part of the browncafe I am talking about . Here is the link to the new thread : http://www.browncafe.com/forum/f6/seasonal-driver-questions-335442/#post772668
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    Wow !! pickup is displaying "moderator tendencies" ! Way to grab the bull by the horns!
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    From I've seen , these tendencies would be the first symptoms of a marked decline into madness. :wink2: