Hey UPS'ers I'm a Sub Mailman at the USPS thinking about a job for UPS

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  1. It's a part time package handler paying 8.50-9.50 and hour. That's a lot less than the 19.45 I make as a sub, but as I've learned with my current job there is no easy way. My questions to this forum is, do you think there's still room for career advancement? Do you think I should take this job? If I did is it part of the path to being a driver? How long should I expect to wait to be a driver?

    Sorry for all the questions. To give you guys some details, I'm 22 and working in Arizona. Right now I haven't worked for 5 days,excluding Saturday. The wait in my office for me is going to be about 10 years, and that is if the post office doesn't take a dive. I am not a city carrier. I'm not one of those guys that sits in their truck and gets paid. I'm a rural, so we are judged by our speed.

    Thanks for any help I appreciate it!
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    This question has been asked a lot here. I am afraid the answer may not be the one you are looking for. I can only speak for my center but the company is doing everything they can to keep from hiring new full-time drivers.

    They are increasing the overtime for the current drivers and cutting routes. The current wait time is well over 10 years where I am at. Some people on here have said the wait time isn't as bad in their area so it will depend on your indivdual center.

    If you know someone there you should ask them.

    There is the possibility that more positions will open up over the next couple of years as the drivers hired during the mid eighties growth period reach retirement. The production push may also open more positions as some of the older drivers opt to leave.

    Don't trust what management tells you about the possibility for advancement, they will dangle that carrot for anyone they can get to chase it. Ask a current part-timer or driver at the center.

    Good luck.
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    Hi there, my building just hired on seven drivers this past month. Yes UPS has had a hireing freeze in effect for some time now, but I beleive that things are changing. I'm in the San Fransisco Bay Area where we have 10 buildings with in 50 miles of any direction of us.

    I was told by our H.R. that at our San Bruno building you may even be able to get hired on as a driver off the street.. I only know this cause I was asking about driver positions for a friend. So by no means am I saying that it would be automatic but tings are deffinitely looking better.

    UPS just finds itself in a position now that they have no choice but to start feeling spots. In the last five years my center a lone has lost 10 drivers due to retireing, quitting, promotion, and termenation alone. I can't speak ofthe other two centers in my building but I would imagine that it's pretty similar. So as you can see UPS has no choice but to start feeling some spots.

    Anyhow good luck with what ever you decide to do.
  4. Thanks a lot Brown and Re-Raise. That is interesting about San Antonio Brown. I wish I knew the situation in Arizona. Even though.. I would be willing to move if a place had better prospects for advancement. It's too bad life is so expensive!
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