Hiring Freeze?

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    The center manager. I’m filling a regular full time driver position. First true off the street hire in 18 years.
    I know it’s hard to believe some random person would get hired off the street, but that’s what I know.
    Sorry you don’t like what I’m saying .

    I wasn’t calling in every morning. I drove for 3 months during peak. I delivered 130-160 stops a day and took stops off of other drivers every day of the week. I made top of rehire list by a large stop count.

    The on roads told me if they could hire me as a driver they would, but to call in every week to go to preload.

    They had a hiring freeze at our center for a month. I kept calling. The on road called and told me I’m the next full time regular package car driver, that hr would be calling to send me back to intagrad.
    Sorry you are confused, but this is what I know.
    Either way, I’m driving and not loading trucks.
  2. MECH-lift

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    Good , you can run and gun all day then take some stops off me ..
  3. 3 done 3 to go

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    I trust them more than the union
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  4. Package Stick

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    Am Wellness Champ, would be angry as well.
  5. MECH-lift

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    You are correct union brother , THE UNION IS THE ENEMY , STRIKE STRIKE STRIKE
  6. Everyone can strike except the Teamcare bargaining unit members.
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  8. Htedenzer

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    Well I guess it’s another “few weeks”.

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  9. BiggieBrown

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    Yes there has been a hiring freeze for a few months now.
    Welcome in advance to a great company.
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    Wrong the tax cuts are designed for growth and capital expenditures not reduced spending
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    We just posted 3 driver Bid sheets. I would say it’s over.
  13. just chillin'

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    jeez! its obvious the OP is talking about a NON union office job he is waiting on and y'all keep goin on about workin the preload and driver bids going up. pay attention a little at least maybe?
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  14. davidix

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    So you're qualifying to be a full time driver after you did seasonal driving and management liked you. That literally happens all the time. It's nothing new. What seems to be the misunderstanding here it's pretty simple. Theres tons of seasonal drivers from last peak that got called back to preload for a month or two and then get put on a qualifying route. It's the fast track. Consider yourself lucky.
  15. Htedenzer

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    It’s alright. I’m glad it was cleared up though. So guess the hiring freeze is over for union jobs and is still on hold for the non-union jobs.. sucks
  16. Anonymous 115

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    Depending on where you are looking, there are Admin/Supervisor/Specialist jobs on upsjobs.com and Upsers.
  17. zubenelgenubi

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    There was never a hiring freeze, the HR person just doesn't like giving bad news and hopes you'll take a hint.
  18. 1stgear

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    Yes, I worked my ass off. No I didn’t go to preload prior to the job offer to become a full time driver. We are a small center and it takes years of preload to drive. A senior driver that has been driving for 18 years has never seen a TRUE off the street hire in 18 years. I do consider myself lucky.
  19. 1/6 hires can be hired off the street and immediately to full time.
  20. zubenelgenubi

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    Have you read the current contract?