Hoffa Busted Again!

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by any122, Oct 6, 2006.

  1. any122

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    The great IBT corruption goes on.Hoffa running mate Chuck Mack caught laundering $14,000 of your hard earned dues into the Hoffa campain.What a disgrace this scum bag should resign!One more reason to join the APWA.How long will it take for the hard workers at UPS to wake up and get the representation we deserve?The IBT supporters ask where the APWA will get their financial money from I know it won't be from stealing from the people they represent.The story is located on the TDU site.:mad:
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    Another good reason to vote Hoffa outta there...
  3. mittam

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    you are right on it any
  4. mittam

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    vote anything but hoffa, soon we will have the chance to vote APWA can't wait!!!!!
  5. any122

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    Like i have said this is your leader.But nobody has even hardley commented on this corruption.The fear that this man has put in the people is why more than likely the leadership of the IBT will remain corrupt,dishonest,and under the leadership of the man and his thugs you fear.Because more than likely most will not even vote for a change duto fear.The way I look at it is why would you keep making a bad investment when there are other options?People think that they have no other choice so they just sit back and do nothing about it.You have two choices you can vote for a change in leadership or fire the IBT and vote for the APWA.Or you can sit on the fence and watch your representation fail.:mad:
  6. SteveOUPS

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    well i'm not afraid and i'm voting ABH => Anybody But Hoffa = Leedham
  7. wkmac

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    I'm voting for who I think is the most qualified candidate for the top post at the IBT. When I consider the direction this union is being pulled in which also has it's creeping gradulism in the UPS ranks I think the candidate that best deserves my vote is:

    None ofthe Above so when you vote cast your vote for the candidate
    None ofthe Above!

    Fact is I trust neither Hoffa or Leedham so there you go.
  8. wkmac

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    Why not vote Hoffa and make it worst. Just betters your chances!
  9. tieguy

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    I must admit you have me intriqued with the expression "creeping gradulism". Are you referencing a process where the company and the teamsters morph into one with similar beliefs and interests?
  10. wkmac

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    Has to do with the hourly only Tie so you and your fellow managers are not in this equation. The "creeping gradulism" is normally a political term I know but IMO it best fit what I see of very base individuals who use means of threats, violence and imtimidation as a means of advancing their cause and over time I see that this mindset effects UPSers and their perspective. I also see that more and more we are becoming so dependent on the union losing our individuallity as a person and company group and that is another mindset promoted, with the belief that without the union we are nothing and I quite frankly don't believe that hogwash. The real truth is the union is nothing without us and we need to NEVER forget that and not let them forget it either.

    The real fear for the union status quo here is if we could ever realize it is that with APWA or something like it could/would ever catch on and then UPS pull out of the IBT, that is their real fear. IMO that is a very powerful loaded weapon in our hands to use to dominate the IBT but we are just to cowardly to do it. Many including many here mock and issue comments of contempt at the APWA and it's leaders but at least they got the guts to try and do something to shake up the status quo which has only gotten worse IMO. It's very true that some of those here who parade the APWA idea with wreckless abandon are not exactly the sharpest knives in the drawer but when I look at some of the IBT loyalist who counterpunch here, IMO I'm just looking at the matching knives from the same drawer so there you go.

    If we (UPSers) ever decided to, we could become an almost insurmountable force IMO to completely change the face of the IBT and how all things are run but we just refuse to do so. We've surrendered to their mindset having never offered any real resistance.
    Will we or just surrender and go down with the ship? The answer is still left on the table IMO but I worry as I observe.

  11. tieguy

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    Good post.
  12. oldupsman

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    Just a great post. And this is what I don't understand about the APWA folks. I'm not questioning their motives at all. I simply don't understand why they just don't work within the system. Go to the union meetings. Run for office. Get elected. Take over their local. Make it better for everyone, not just UPS'ers. If that were the case they would get alot more support from older UPS'ers like myself. The number of people who have in 25 to 35 years is enormous. And those people (including myself) don't want to hear anything about starting over. This is my last peak. And the only reason I'm doing that is because I'm working for a ctr. manager I've known for 20 years who I respect. They asked me to work 1 more peak and I said I would. I'll be gone sometime next year with 32 full time years. What good does the APWA do me? But if the same people were running for office in a local election I'd vote for them in a heartbeat.
  13. wildgoose

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    Hoffa runs the show not the locals ! Its his way or no way ? Who are you kidding. Sooner or later the multi pension plans will be bankrupt at the rate of retirees coming up and Just like any one that went to taking care of their own single pension has benifited very nice from the move ! Central States is why this is taking place. New England fund is funded at the low 40`s percent and Hoffa can straightened that out - why has he not addressed that yet ? Hoffa says trust me "Best contract ever" Pensions are paying for all the other companies and we are likely getting cuts. No its not fair but somewhere one has to take control and try to right the wrongs. Looks like we need a union to oversee the union we have ?
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  14. Braveheart

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    Best contract ever and record increases are things that Hoffa keeps bragging about. Then why are all my medical out of pocket expenses going up? Then why was my pension being cut? I hear the excuses about how the stock market decline and 9/11 were unpredictable. That is funny, the contract was signed in or agreed to in July 2002, 10 months after 9/11!!!!!! And the stock market had been in decline for 2 years since 2000 when the dotcom bubble burst!!!!!!! We were scared into a dues increase that we had no vote on and yet we are the ones paying for it with pension cuts. The poor retires are really being hammered with higher premiums and out of pocket increases. The people who negotiated this contract failed in a bad way. We need better work rules, a safer work place, reduced hours, more time off, LESS HARASSMENT AND INTIMIDATION, an extra week off at 5 years not 30 years, etc etc and how about a real 30 and out and even a 25 and out!
  15. NYteam06

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    Hey, I Voted for HOFFA. No compromise! Since Hoffa's been in office I have always gotten questions answered, information flow from the IBT has been terrific, website/magazine have improved, etc. No other union can compare to ours and I voted to keep it strong.
  16. CTOTH

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    You probably think Iraq was a good idea too!
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    Bet you voted for Busch too.
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    Kurt, Kyle or the 12 oz. in the can?

    :lol: :lol: