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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by any122, Sep 1, 2006.

  1. any122

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    $15,720 illegally laundered money from members dues.THE good old boys at the IBT taken advantage of the hard earned money for there own political gains:mad: One more reason to vote in the APWA a viable,positive,and stronger alternative union representation!
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    I must have missed something by not reading the APWA threads for August.

    Viable, positive, and stronger are all catchy words, but how do they apply to the APWA and how they're supposedly gonna make life utopic for UPS union employees?
  3. Fredless

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    Any FACTUAL sources to back up your statements? If so, how is he not under Federal investigation. Or in my ignorance, what you're accusing him of is legal in the government's eyes?
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    Its on the TDU website.I didn't accuse him the tdu has it on there site.:w00t:
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    then post a link maroon.
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  7. Teamster251

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    Any122, you are wrong in stating that the IBT was invloved.

    I know you are just an anti-union manager from Overnite and your only defense is a campaign in favor of the APWA, but the IBT means International, not Local 853.

    Go fling your one liners on the truckingboards with DY and Skeeter
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    What you say about any122 may or may not be true but I think it's fair to say that at the least he/she is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the APWA and if not for that, he/she would not be here at all.

    Now with that said I do have to take some exception with the rest of your comments. Prior to open elections, our union was controlled by a hierarchy of embedded leaders who were so bad and corrupt that the US gov't (for the record IMO a just as corrupt organization) had to place the IBT for all practical purposes into recievership in order to control the mass corruption. Since then, we've had a reform slate leader elected (Carey) who was also bounced from office because of corruption and now more and more allegations are surfacing that brings question towards Hoffa and I'm not convinced Leedham is any better over the longhaul.

    No matter where you go within this organizationm the stench and filth of corruption is there and continues to move forward unabated. Even the US Gov't is unwilling to end it's oversight. With all due respect to your point, Any122's point of order on IBT corruption is completely valid and with merit when the track record of this union is placed beside it's history.

    I'm not convinced life at UPS without a union could be done but I'm not convinced that the only union for UPSers is the IBT either. Some say "union first" and specifically "Teamster First" but I say "UPSers First" and if the Teamsters fit into that equation then fine, if not? Time to fit something else in instead and who better to do this than a UPS employee union! Whether the APWA fits that bill or not I'll let each decide that for themselves but at the very least Van Skillman and Danny Eason were courageous enough the ask that all important question that each of us at UPS covered under collective bargaining should be asking ourselves in light of events over the last 10 plus year and that question is....

    What If?

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    You know Teamster 251, now that I think about it, if not for the APWA issue, would you even be here? How do we even know if you are a UPSer and not just some IBT, specificially Hoffa butt licker and lacky? Or some IBT Freight guy here to protect your own H&W interest off our hard work at UPS? Or even worse, a "retiree from a bankrupt IBT freightline" who's just here to protect his own interest?

    Maybe you and Any122 should both just go away!

    Yeah, that'll work!
  10. Teamster251

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    So is this our own little private stage.

    I'm a UPSer and a 22 year Teamster. Lately it been a Teamster first, UPSer second.

    I for one can't stand Hoffa. He's there on his name, like a Kennedy.

    By your "lacky" comment your diffently a prejudist person with a stereotypical idea or what a Teamster really is.

    It seems you are one of those guys that think you are the only hard workers out there. Another Primadonna dressed in Brown (or sporting a tie) that thinks he's carrying the IBT/UPS on his back. Ever been in a freight truck? Peddle 20 stops make 10 pickups dragging a 53 foot trailer behind you? Going into the same office complexes, retail oulets, industrail areas, downtowns, back alleys, counrty roads that a Brownie goes. Been there done that. 125 stops in a station wagon (Package car) on the same street, or same indusrtrail park. Simple compared to freight peddling. Again been there done that. Try dragging a trailer and humping freight, delivering 100 times the weight in the same eight hours. Copmared to 3-400 packages in 100 plus stops. EAMs, 1030's, Airs, even those services exist in freight companies too pal

    Each and every freight guy earned his/her fair share, where do you get off judging them.

    As far as being a retiree from another carrier what does that make a hill of beans to you. Those retirees put into the pension just like you and I are doing. They earned their fair share. They didn't mismanage, bankrupt or unjustly close their companies, ie USF RedStar. They didn't deregualte the indusrty to give an advantage to lower paying carriers, who have ruined a good carreer.

    As far as going away, I'm here to stay now, I just happen to come over here to investagted a problem with PSD pay.

    Now I'll stay around and toss the ball.

    By the way, PSD employee PRORI (Warwick RI) 0299

    Have a nice day brother, T251