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    Make UPS Deliver in 2012

    [​IMG]Hoffa and hall have promised UPS will curb production harassment, hire more package drivers and respect members’ 9.5 rights.
    It’s up to Teamster members to hold Hoffa and hall to their pledge and to Make UPS Deliver on these commitments.
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    Three Bungee Cords and a Disaster Waiting to Happen

    [​IMG]By Michael A. Savwoir, UPS Feeder Driver, Local 41, Kansas City
    Jokes about bubble gum and bailing wire, band-aids and duct tape are commonly used to describe shoddy workmanship or slapstick repair in every workplace.
    But who would ever think UPS, a multinational corporation, would actually employ such remedies? That’s just what happened on Oct. 5, when a broken fuel tank strap on a ‘94 Mack truck was replaced with a single rubber bungee cord.
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    UPS Profits Up Again

    The economy made be down but UPS’s profits continue to go up.
    Company execs announced that UPS made $1.04 Billion in profits in the third quarter. Brown’s profits increased by 5 percent compared to the third quarter last year and by 89 percent over its third quarter profits in 2009.
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    UPS Teamsters Fight for the 99 Percent

    [​IMG]UPS Teamsters joined union members at Verizon in a rally and march against Corporate Greed in New York City on Friday, Oct. 21.
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    UPS Exec Brags About Low Wage Increases for Teamsters

    UPS Chief Financial Officer Kurt Kuehn bragged to investors that UPS Teamsters will continue to get “below-inflation increases in wages” under the concessionary contract negotiated by Hoffa and hall in 2008.
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    UPS Grievance Decisions

    The decisions from the UPS National Grievance Panel are now available from TDU. So is the new schedule of golf resort meetings set by Hoffa and hall.
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    The IBT’s UPS SurePost Surrender

    [​IMG]The Hoffa administration has looked the other way while UPS has accelerated its SurePost program—a new service that allows UPS to deliver some residential shipments through the post office instead of package car Teamsters.
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    Driver Speaks Out on SurePost

    Letter to Package Division Director hall from Local 243 Package Car Driver Martin Labut.

    Surepost and UPS Basic to the Post Office is eliminating full-time jobs. We have drivers laid off for the first time I can remember in the summer max vacation period. Every day, routes are cut and combined. We lose about three routes a day out of 30 some routes in our center. We are delivering over 1,000 packages to the post office a week.
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    September Grievance Dockets Now Available

    The dockets are now available for the second UPS national panel of the year, September 12-15 at the Mission Bay Hyatt Regency in San Diego.
    Click here to read the docket of cases that will be heard.
    Click here to read the docket for the Joint National Air Committee.
    The last grievance panel was held in March. No grievance decisions were ever released. Reportedly, all the cases were placed on “committee hold.” The June grievance panel was postponed until September. While members’ grievances have been stonewalled, the company has been running roughshod over the contract.
    Make UPS Deliver will post the decisions from the September panel as soon as they become available.

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    UPS 2Q Profits up 26%

    [​IMG]UPS made $1.06 Billion in profits after taxes from April to June this year. That’s an increase of 26 percent (or more than $150 million) over the $845 million in profits the company made during the same period last year.
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    UPS Still ‘In Love With Hoffa’

    [​IMG]UPS management is so confident of their cozy relationship with IBT President James Hoffa that they are crowing about it to industry executives.
    UPS CEO Scott Davis told a gathering of CEOs and financial analysts on June 1 that, “The relationship with the Teamsters is better than it’s ever been before.” (Stanford C. Bernstein 27th Strategic Decisions Conference, 06/01/2011).
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    Brownout On UPS Issues at the Teamster Convention

    [​IMG]With all of the violations happening at UPS, you would think our union’s biggest contract would have been a hot topic at the recent Teamster Convention.
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    Part-Time Poverty Wages

    [​IMG]By Tim Hill, UPS Feeder Driver, Local 690, Spokane
    The minimum wage in Washington State is now $8.67 an hour according to Washington State Labor and Industries. That is 17 cents more than the starting rate for part-timers in the UPS contract.
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    Inflation Jumps

    [​IMG]UPS Teamsters to get 12c Cost of Living Raise

    Because inflation over the past year has jumped to 4.2%, the highest rate in several years, UPS Teamsters will get an extra 12c per hour raise on August 1.
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    Fed UP at UPS

    [​IMG]UPS is coming under fire for unfair production standards and the company’s blame-the-worker approach to safety. Some Teamsters are taking action.
    Local 804 members rallied at UPS in Melville, Long Island this week to protest the company’s illegal firing of two stewards in retaliation for action taken by Local 804 to protect the safety of drivers and the public. Read the rest …
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    Nope, the third time was not the charm.

    Still boring.
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    gotta admit, thats kinda funny
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    ​extremely boring ! Go away tdu !
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    Get the TDU scum out of local 804 and bring the circus with you.
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    If it is so boring why are you bothering to respond? The nicest thing I can say is If your bored your probably boring. Whats more important than educating yourself? Its the first step that is needed to better your condition. But lets cut to the chase. People who don't do jack, whether they are company sucks or do nothing bureaucrats try to nock down somebody who is actually trying to do something. Not to mention straw bosses who are undercover as members. If you have any constructive criticism feel free to offer it. If you dont take a long walk....TDU is the real deal. Study what we won. The right to vote got us Ron Carey & the 97 victory. I give props to 804 then & now!