Hoffa-hall Leads the Way

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by BigUnionGuy, Jun 29, 2011.

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    The experienced John Mccain lost to the less experienced Obama in 2008. Mostly because people wanted change. A more experienced Dem led Congress got beat by un experienced Repubs in 2010. The national electorate which includes us Teamsters is still primed for change. Plus the fact that Hoffa's experience leads you to analyze his poor record as head of the Teamsters. It makes one remember the awful contracts of 2002 and 2007 that we have to live under. Maybe you are a "big union guy" union official, but we, the rank and file have to work under those subpar contracts. I cant see any rational, resaonable UPS worker voting for Hoffa.

    On Gregare being a joke. Well your boy Jr picked him to run with him years ago. So the joke is on you!!

    Sandy ran with Tom L last time. She is in it to win it. Yes it is always hard to beat an incumbent, but the climate is ripe for it to happen this year. I cant wait!!
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    i havent spoke to one ups driver that will vote for hoffa.he has sat back and allowed ups and its wall street czar/ceo to abuse us under the guise of methods and economical downturn.if hoffa wins i will have to question the election procedures although i have not asked the freight and carhaul drivers what they think.
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    The real joke is thinking the union will solve much of anything,reguardless of WHO is in.
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    You are so right, pay big bucks to the great leaders and we have to take the Crap.
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    Disgruntled maybe,but its never a good sign when you approach your elected union rep about an issue and youre told "its their company,they can do what they want" or " if its so bad here and you dont like it,quit". And yes,Ive heard both of those answers more than once....s*r*w you,gimme my money back.
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    Look at how bad Hoffa's flyer is for this day. He is truly reaching now.

    ---Second card check at UPSF? What a winner!! hall really knocked it out of the park with the last one!

    ---Announced collection of 1.3 million signatures against SB5, here in Ohio?
    Really? Hoffa/hall did this? Because I know I was out busting my butt for the likes of Hoffa/hall to parade around the number of signatures we all got. Hoffa/hall didn't get 1 signature here in Ohio. Al probably got some but I can bet it wasn't too much. Hoffa came to one rally and stayed only to speak, then he left. He was made fun of by the crowd for hurrying into his SUV afterward.
    Real Teamsters where at the rally's in the rain and the cold. We marched yesterday to deliver the petitions to the Sec. of States office. For him to take ANY bit of credit for this is laughable.

    ---There have been plenty of reports of our Brothers and Sisters not being allowed to go to the mic. So, I find it sad, that he turns around and throws that in their faces. What a shame.
    We shouldn't be surprised these have always been Hoffa's tactics, but don't act like he's some strong contender.
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    Then why haven't any of them filed a pre-election protest ?

    That was the last one filed. Only 2 days ago.

    Read the minutes from the convention.

    Don't see where Sandy said anything.

    Her and Freddy look so happy together !

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    Brother BUG,

    You provided a link to a decision on a protest. There may (or may not) be other protests pending (under investigation and analysis). I felt I must point out that distinction.
    If there are other protests pending, we (rank and file teamsters) will find out about them when there is a decision by the Election Supervisor:
    • protest denied
    • protest granted
    • protest resolved
    • protest withdrawn


    p.s.: Gegare's campaign came up with much better looking vests, IMO.:wink2::peaceful:
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    Thanks for the input.

    With the Election supervisor and his staff present, and the event being recorded....

    If there was something like that going on.... it would be resolved on the spot.

    It would never happen on the convention floor. Not with that many people being present.

    And if you look at the last protest.... it was filed and resolved that day. But point taken.. and you are correct.

    My response to the previous poster was because of the statement "plenty of reports".

    Typical TDU crybaby stuff.

    Just like the goofball TDU'er from Ky. that gets on the mike and babbled about UPS and 22.3 jobs....

    During a discussion on a YRC resolution.... can't fix stupid. I'm sure Sandy was proud. Her Boy.


    The Gegare people are wearing vests ?? Where?? :peaceful:
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    A big thank you to the TDU'er for "babbling" about UPS and 22.3 jobs!! It might be the only time the Convention hears of our situation since Hoffa/hall would rather us be "the group that must not be mentioned".
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    I have to thank that Ky upser also because I have been fighting that fight with 50 grievances filed by rank and file for over 8 months. Alot of those delegates are nominated due to the fact each local did not state who they were nominating for president of the IBT. I will guarantee you that if the members knew exactly who these delegates were voting for Hoffa would not receive 5 percent of the delegates.
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    Well, you had better hope for "nothing" because the alternative could be really nasty.
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    Oh it will be nasty if we have "nothing" still running this union. We saw the run in Wisconson and the midwest on unions in the government it will trickle to the private sector before we know it and I do not need the former union busting lawyer in the position of my IBT president when it happens.
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    I did read it, all of it and thanks for posting for those of us not there to experience the Convention. I read halls speeches, all very good by the way with particular interest on page 84 where protecting the members and the Contract was of utmost importance. He mentioned every issue UPSers might be questioning with the glaring exception of the 22.3 jobs and treatment by UPS. I can't help but wonder if we have been "displaced" from the Contract the same as we were "displaced" out of our jobs. We're not blind to the fact our group was a push by the company to create tension among co-workers and the Union, however we pay our dues like everyone else for equal representation.