Hoffa or Gegare Fix My 22.3 Job and YOU Have My Vote

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Brown to Brown, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. Brown to Brown

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    I was considering bidding on a package job but I thought about what Bellesmom posted. She was right. Why shouldn't the national issue concerning dismantling my fulltime combo be at the forefront. Could either Hoffa or Gegare state as far as their aspirations of becoming the next IBT President to fix this nationwide 22.3 mess, THEY WILL HAVE MY VOTE!!! I will bet today that NO 22.3 CASE WILL BE HEARD AT THE NATIONAL COMMITTEE!!! I am very frustrated and so are many like me.:angry::biting:
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    At least your putting the blame on Hoffa and hall and not you local union. This is a problem that these guys need to fix and they dropped the ball hid it and took it home.
  3. UnsurePost

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    yuck...22.3 is a thing of the past.... it's not Hoffa or Halls doing and they want no part in it. Can we blame them?

    The only people with interest in 22.3s, are 22.3s. There simply are not enough to make a difference. Next contract , get ready to bump inside to PT or go FT driving.
  4. brett636

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    All i can say is don't hold your breath. I'm with Sleeve, combo jobs are going to be phased out one way or another, and its best to come up with an alternative before the next contract is ratified.
  5. Brown to Brown

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    Alternative? 2 part time shifts were put together to make a combo. I don't think there is an alternative. Sorry, not to sound pessimistic.
  6. UnsurePost

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    I agree, hopefully there's at least a PT job for us when the combo jobs are done away with. It's a good deal benefits-wise.
  7. Guy Smiley

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    Yet, 22.3's are good enough to pay full-time dues. This of course is a greater payout to the union from their salary than a full-time driver.
    And what full-time driver is going to be physically able to hump packages when they are 60? The 22.3's seem like a good transition into retirement. But I think the union and ups don't want us to make retirement.
    Our useless local is already saying 22.3's can't bump to full-time positions.
    The national and the locals are not interested in any part of the contract. It's pretty evident in their disdain for not only the 22.3's but the 9.5 language and all the language they bury. I'm convinced the contract is a tool the union uses to keep the masses happy and bogged down. At what point do they stand up for the future of the working class instead of lining the pockets with our dues money? I'm convinced that there is no future for the teamsters at UPS, especially as the workforce is more educated than ever before. Furthermore, the union was something that was needed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries but since they have no advanced the cause of the working class to that of Europe and never will I would gladly let UPS rather than the union be in control of my pension.
  8. Brown to Brown

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    Sort of disagree with you Guy Smiley. Our Local like many others have taken the 22.3 issue to the National Panel with no avail. Some were referred back, some on committee hold. If you remember as I have stated before, it was President Carey that got "the issue" to deadlock and then on to arbitration for the win. Now, the issue has stalled before even being heard at the National. That is why many 22.3's are perplexed and wondering...what is going to happen next week at the nationals. Will the issue finally be heard (because like before with Carey) because it only takes one grievance to deadlock to arbitration to solve this pestering nationwide cancer. Don't blame your local. If Hoffa or Gegare says that they will fix this 22.3, they will have a block of 22.3 votes. We have to see what's going to happen at the national.
  9. UnsurePost

    UnsurePost making the unreadable unreadabler

    Nothing's going to happen at the NTL. Even if something does happen, many peoples lives have been turned upside-down and no they won't get those votes! Infact, that vote swaying taints the whole issue even more.

    Again, why would Cronie Hoffa hone in on fixing a problem he never wanted any part of and frankly (in his mind, and UPS's) isn't to blame for?
  10. brett636

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    The alternative I am referring to is probably going fulltime driving if your interested in staying fulltime, or prepare to go back to part-time if a future contract allows further erosions of 22.3 positions. I myself am a 22.3 combo worker, but I start feeders next week. I see little indication that 22.3s are going anywhere in my building, but they don't rebid them when they are vacated. From the stories I have read on here a 22.3 job has turned into a nightmare of a position in some buildings when they are being forced to work split shifts (preload/twilight or day/midnight). Couple this with the fact that neither the union leadership, nor the company cares much for the combo job itself and its not hard to fathom that it will eventually get phased out through some means in the future. Just something to keep in mind if you're still interested in trying to keep that combo job through retirement.
  11. Brown to Brown

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    Wow, feeders. That's an option. Made another call to my Local. I truly believe at this point that they are tired of dealing with me. The question to me was, If we could fix it here at the local, why wouldn't you think that we would do that so you we wouldn't have this 22.3 problem along with the regular grievances that pop up everyday?

    I wasn't expecting that from the local. I thought about it and I see his point. He sounded frustrated and agreed with me on alot of things. Mainly, that this merry go round should have stopped long ago.
  12. 22.34life

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    what people dont understand is that this is contract language,and people say i dont care about 22.3 language but its clear ,cut and dry contract language.if ups gets away with not following this clear and easy to undrestand language how long befor they start doing it with everything else.
  13. brett636

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    If not feeders, then package car, if not package car then go back to school and get a degree for the new fulltime job your going to need if you find yourself back to part-time. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best.

    UPSSOCKS Well-Known Member

    Instead of Hoffa or Gegare, why don't you ask SC or TF...... The odd's of them helping you is about the same as Hoffa or Gegare. The best part of SC or TF is that they don't require union dues... Did any one ever tell you thanks for your union dues, of course not, too busy spending it. Who is SC and TF you asked.. None other than Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy... Instead of paying dues leave some cookies and milk out at night and yank one of your back teeth out. Either way you get the same outcome. You are very welcome, glad to help
  15. UnsurePost

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    Bump, any update? THx.
  16. Returntosender

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    RON CAREY, the president of Local 804 in New York City, a local mostly made up of UPS workers, won a stunning victory for general president in a three-way race against two "old-guard" candidates. Carey was endorsed by Teamsters for a Democratic Union (TDU), the longstanding reform group.

    Carey got rid of the worst extravagances of the old guard, launched new organizing drives and instituted programs to boost membership involvement.
    At every turn, Carey found Hoffa and his allies playing an obstructionist role. This came to a head in the 1996 election when Carey faced a united "old guard" led by Hoffa. Hoffa's slate was incredibly well funded, with fat checks from old-guard Teamster officers and staffers across the country.
    Nevertheless, Carey eked a victory with 52 percent of the vote, thanks most of all to support from UPS workers.
    The election came on the eve of the 1997 UPS contract fight, on which Carey staked his record, aiming to achieve a significant number of new full-time jobs, pension protection and wage increases. For their part, Hoffa's allies were completely compromised by the Teamsters' past policies at UPS--huge pay cuts for part-time workers and the vast expansion of part-time work.
    In 1997, UPS attempted to further cripple the Teamsters by grabbing control of the pension fund, pushing workers into HMOs and refusing to create new full-time jobs. This provoked a two-week strike that became the biggest labor victory in three decades--and a personal triumph for Carey.
    Hoffa spokespeople, however, took to the airwaves to attack Carey while 185,000 Teamsters were on the picket line. A UPS spokesperson admitted that he consulted the Hoffa campaign about how to attack Carey. The biggest act of betrayal during the strike came when Chicago-based Teamsters Local 710, led by Hoffa supporters Frank Wsol and Pat Flynn, refused to strike UPS. UPS's humiliation quickly turned into fury at Carey. The old guard had already protested the 1996 election, and a government-appointed election official set aside the results. http://socialistworker.org/2005-2/551/551_10_Hoffa.shtml

    If the locals are'nt fixing your problem. The national is not going to your problem. The 22.3 issue was Carey's idea not Hoffa's. Hoffa and UPS executives in Atlanta could be in bed together on your 22.3 issue? You 22.3's and endangered workers in the UPS world.
  17. Brown to Brown

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    I was told that locals are working on vacated jobs brought on by vacancies (retirement, termination, etc.) and not jobs moved (like supposedly by corporate and our national can't locate) and not jobs from the sorts from the air hubs that were moved to the Louisville World Hub. To still be going on this long, you can believe that they don't care in Washington, D.C.
  18. bellesmom

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    Hoffa and UPS might be in bed together with this issue but I can't understand how or why it's so easy for everyone else to tell us 22.3s to go package or pt when the contract is up. We are supposed to be represented by our Union, paying dues to protect our jobs the same as every job at UPS, yet we seem to be expendable because of old, dirty politics. I'm 53 years old, have 20 years in and no way can this beat up body do package, it's why I went Combo and therefore the thought process of both Union and UPS seems to be I must be punished on a daily basis for it.

    How is not protecting our jobs or following the Contract NOT a breach of Contract when both parties supposedly signed "in good faith"?
  19. brett636

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    The good faith argument is debatable. One could say the teamster leadership agreed to it to so they can act like they are doing good by the employees, and UPS does so to keep its investors and customers happy. Neither side is thinking much of the employees this contract affects or how its enforced.
  20. tiredofit

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    i agree with bellesmom, i think we must belong to the same local union, during the march bids for the 22.3's the company jacked the process up so bad that there were several of us had to pick a new job (or half of it because they killed part of our job). now the rumor is that they are going to mess with our pay??????? We have had several 22.3 jobs put back in that they did not put back up for bid after people retired or fired etc. and that took way to long, about 4 years. if they want my vote the IBT needs to hold UPS accountable now not later. I am like you Im tired of it.