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    Theres An Artical On The teamsters. Org Web Site " Highway Robbery" that Kind Of Rubs Me The Wrong Way. In It Hoffa Talks About The High Cost Of Gas, And How Its Hurting The America Worker. I Wont Argue With That, I Drive 70 Miles Round Trip To Work And Back. However, We Had A Cost Of Living Allowance In Our Last Contract That Was Negotiated Away This Year By The Hoffa Administration. Intresting Artical About It At tdu.org "no Cost Of "living Raise For Ups Teamsters"
    It Seems That Hoffa However Was Able To Keep His Cola Raise That Amounted To A 4.5% Increase ($12,500) In His Yearly Pay.
    For Us Ups Teamsters That Lost Out This Year It Would Of Amounted To A $.15 An Hour Raise, Roughly $390 A Year, Or $1950 Over The Life Time Of The Current Contract.
    If We Were To Get The Same Cola Raise Hoffa Got, 4.5% It Would Amount To A $1.26 An Hour Raise Not A Roughly .0055% Of $.15 An Hour
    All Im Saying, Is That It Seems To Me That Hoffa Always Talks About How Rough The American Worker Has It, And Yet Negotiates Away Things In Contracts That Would Help. Its Beyond Me Why The Would Have Done This.
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    They always take care of themselves first, and then the people that pay they salaries.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

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    its quite simple....you elect garbage you get garbage
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    Truer words were never spoken
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    It just seemed like The Twilight Zone when we elected ole Hoffa in the first place. It just reminded me of this guy in my center who married the same girl twice, after she had cheated on him, and divorced her twice when she did it again! We need a good divorce lawyer!
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    One of our preloaders is married to his first and third wife, some people don't learn.
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    Didn't you know? With the economy in the crapper..the cost of 18 holes on the finest golf courses has skyrocketed...
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    This is probably why they buried him in Giants Stadium...
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    Its real simple if he is doing a good job reward him, if he is doing a crappy job and you have someone better then replace him.

    Maybe the teamsters can slap ups with a fuel surcharge.:happy-very:
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    I heard he had hired the same guy O.J. hired to find Nicoles' killer to find his Dad. That could be a long term investment!
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    All your smart remarks what would you have with out the union or the hoffas youwould have a dhl contract oh thats right they dont have one do they? get your heads out of your ass and thank a retired driver from abf yellow roadway ups and all the others who fought for you and me we have great pay benifits its not the companys fault the economy is crap WAKE UP.
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    Yes rocketman, SMART remarks. Thank you for the compliment.

    Sorry, but you seem to practice selective writing skills, so when I read your posts I tend to practice selective reading skills. :) No hard feelings?
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    You, And Your Kind Of Thinking Is Exactly Why People Like Hoffa Get Elected . Your Perfectly Alright With He Fact That The Hoffa Administration Negotiated Away Things That Were Won In The Prior Contract. Why Do You Think Ups Wanted To Get Rid Of The Cola This Year smart Guy ? Ill Tell You Why, Because They Knew They Were Going To Haft To Pay! Tell Me smart Guy, What Good Is Voting On A Contract If The Hoffa Administration Can Just Change It Whenever He Wants? Dont Get Me Wrong $.15 An Hour Isnt Going To Make Or Break Me. However, I Voted For A Cola, And Expect To Get One When The Math Says So. Your Right, Its Not The Companies Fault The Economy Is Crap. Isnt That However The Entire Reason Of A Cola? Ups Can Raise Rates If Necessary, What Am I Supposed To Do To Cover The Extra Cost Of Day To Day Expences. Smart Guy Do Me A Favor And Keep Youd Enlitened Thoughts To Yourself.
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    Jimmy I and Jimmy II are are as different as day and night. Jimmy I fought for the working man, to make life better. Granted, he did things under the table, things that were not quite legal but his motives were for the the working man!
    Jimmy II's motives are for Jimmy II.
    Let's face it, without SR Hoffa, there would be no Teamsters, without the Teamsters we would not be making 28+ bucks an hour with decent insurance and we would not even be thinking of a retirement of any kind.
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    Politics sets an ugly table.....
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    ...the scraps from which go to the honest, hard-working people.
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    You may have to break the above down for us... It is one huge run-on sentence and I can not for the life of me figure out what your saying?

    Of course it could also be due to the location of my head....