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    i was just wondering if this was happeing any were else but here in pittsburgh were haven some isssues with our holiday overtime pay for part timers.i work on the reload shift and we get asked to stay for the preload shift for the holidays.i have been working now for 4 years now and normaly we get overtime for anything over 5 hours worked.well this year there trying to say that it is coverage work/split shift and that overtime wont be given unless you work over 8 hours.i was just wondering if there is anyone who is haven this promblem.
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    You need to speak to a Steward. That is what they are there for.
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    When I worked at the Orlando hub in 06' and worked double shifts I was always given overtime after 8 hours. Actually this would have been peak in 2005 so it's been a while since they've had this policy that I know of.