Homeless and Working


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Let me tell you a quick story. I’ve since left UPS prior to even starting as a driver in the Mid Atlaitic. I was offered a new position (but et a kick out of these guys on here so I’ll hang out).
My mother died when I was 17 and my dad was a deadbeat. After she died I lived in a car and on peoples couches for a year and a half. Until I got my :censored2: together, got a job at UPS working the 3AM loader shift and finished college. Wednesday I start a cash cow of a job, which cane through at the last minute, and loving life with my family.
Do not quit. Stay strong!
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Ive been blessed after that situation of being homeless for 4 months and finding that cheap apartment out here in NC. I then lost my job at greyhound but luckily i got on as a preloader at UPS!! Fast forward 8 months later i won a bid to be a FT driver. Went to Integrad past my 30 days and now almost 2 yrs in being a driver im now making money ive never knew i could make.
that's awesome to hear ; very inspirational.