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    I'm trying 2 get my Indiana CDL license without jumping thru hoops. First off since I already got the permit; I've heard that I have to take a road test all the way down in Indianapolis, and do a pre-trip inspection with an examiner. Then I have 2 parallel park both truck and trailer all the while it will cost me $100.

    UPS doesn't honor a license from a different state since I live in Indiana, and work @ CACH. With Illinois all someone has 2 do is pass the permit test and they get their license printed right then and there @ the DMV. What R your opinions?
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    Get a P.O. Box in Illinois
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    Who told you UPS won't honor a drivers license from a state different from the building you work in?
    CACH has drivers that live in IN as well as some from WI I belive.
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    This isn't the '80s.
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    You can transfer an existing cdl licence from another state to Indiana. It sounds like you are trying to get a license with no experience or training. That is extremely dangerous and you will end up getting in an accident or worse.
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    Transferring sounds like the best bet, but if you don't already have your cdl and you live in Indiana you will need to take the learners permit test and the road test to earn a CDL in Indiana. The road test consists of three parts:

    1. Perform a full pretrip of both truck and trailer explaining to the examiner each and every part of the truck and trailer you are looking at. This requires an 80% or better to pass. Once inside the truck the minute you begin your air brake check you better know it backwards and forwards because only a 100% perfect score passes on the airbrake check. I've known guys who failed because they got the PSI readings wrong, but got everything else right.

    2. The second test is the backing test where you will be asked to perform a straight back, offset back, and parallel parking maneuver. I can't recall the exact requirements to pass, but I do remember that this is graded on a point system where different infractions such as pulling forward, hitting a cone, or going outside the boundaries earn you different levels of points. Once you exceed the points allowed you fail.

    3. This is the final test, and it is where you go on road with an examiner to test your on road skills. Chances are good that the path you will be told to take will include a school zone(DO NOT SPEED), a rail road crossing(DO NOT shift while going over tracks), and various turns where the examiner will watch to see if you can avoid a curb(hitting a curb is an automatic fail). The examiner may also ask you to repeat the information on the various road signs that you may pass like speed limits, bridge heights, and other signs. While this is also graded on a point system the stuff in parentheses is an automatic fail if you do them.

    The cost of the test I recall is $100, and if you wish to use the equipment at the test site its an extra $75-$100, but not sure since I never needed that equipment. If you fail you lose your $100 and have to try again the next available day. I failed on my pre-trip on my first try in Indianapolis, but the next available day was 2 weeks away so the company drove me to Fort Wayne, IN to test there and I passed. In fact all the drivers who went to Fort Wayne passed as the examiners were a bit easier to work with. I don't know if that is true today because this was over 4 years ago that I took and passed my CDL tests. Goodluck with which ever road you take.
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    When I got my CDL both the DMV and DOT card had me check either interstate or intrastate. UPS told me to check interstate. In FL this is a new thing.

    I think that is exciting that UPS may want me to go to another state to make the gravy.
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    Intrastate means you're not leaving the state.
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    Oops. Thanks. I fixed my post.
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    All this means is you'll be driving over state lines. For example going from Jax to PleGA and back. You won't be driving out of state to start work at another facility. Maybe I'm not understanding you correctly there.
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    Correct, To cross state lines,you have to have NON Exempted INTERSTATE stated on your CDL.