How’s everyone liking agile development?


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Its life, adjust. We were stuck doing waterfall for years and following the CBAP processes until I wanted to hang myself in the break room. Then Factory model came about and that was a pure :censored2:show if I've ever saw one. One thing I cant stand is a president that thinks he can be the next Steve Jobs by simply making up a process, giving it a silly title and forcing it down the throats of those under him when the only viable proof he has that it remotely works is by managing 30 college developers all under the age of 21. It failed horribly and continues to put our efforts in danger long after he was gone. But it costs so much money to implement that the powers that be are afraid to spend anymore time and money to push us either back to waterfall (which we never truly left) or push us into full blown agile (that UPS as a whole isn't staffed to even do)...

After Corp UPS allowed the BA community that the overall development effort was designed around and invested significantly in was dismantled over night by either forcing the long term professional BA's into other positions or forcing them to retire. Now the only ones that exist are again, 20 year old college grads that have zero knowledge about project management or business analysis.. But they're cheap and they simply document stuff for developers..

UPS claims "We're not a IT company, we're a logistic company", but without us this machine wouldn't turn and they certainly wouldn't be a competitor in today's market.. A company with enough liquid capital can move :censored2: from one fsl to another and take stuff to addresses, but today's work force comprised of a significant amount of young employees that cant write in cursive, count money, do simple math or even read a paper map..

I dont see a huge turnover coming, I see these college grads applying out of their roles as fast as they can to get away from something that they cant successfully do with the resources we're given. Agile requires a very well built team comprised of expensive experienced developers and process driven minds. UPS fired those people or forced them to retire while replacing them with mostly idiots that have zero experience in dev work or processes to accomplish said projects. When Agile got brought up, you could see every email signature across the board flipping to "Scrum Master" literally overnight because these people think they know how to be something they arent..
Lol, it took some of us to get to sr. Developer level lifetime; but, the new college kids are becoming leads and scrum masters in 2/3 years. They got rid of BAs and expect the sr. Developers (with years of experience) to play all of the roles BA, QA, and Development.