How about customers that understand our job and UPS's great time in transit?

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  1. browniehound

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    Its too bad that we have a few ingnorant people that think UPS is th worse delivery company in terms of time in transit. You can say what you want about UPS but I believe the facts support UPS in getting your package delivered on time.

    I have a pick-up account that only uses Fed-Ex when THEIR customers request to use their Fed-Ex account number. They like UPS and would never change because of our superior sevice.

    This doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things but I have a residential consignee that I can't sing enough praises for! Their house is right on the street so they hear the truck (I beep now because I now they want to come outside to get their package). Every time the Mr. or Mrs. comes out to get the package (they get stuff 2-3 times/week). Well in the beginning I was in the back selecting the package, as I began to walk out of the truck she was half way from the house to the truck and she called "AH AH AH, stay there!" she came to the truck to get her delivery. She understood how hard on the body the step in the truck is!

    She saves me that step down and step up everytime she is home and I love her for it! Its the little things like this that warms my heart!
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    It is astounding to me the logistics behind UPS. You guys have to be delivering more the USPS by now. The fact that I can send a package NDA from California and my customer can have it BEFORE I am at work is stunning.

    Great job you guys and gals. There are some out here who know the magic you weave!
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Thank you for your kind words. Keep in mind that going from California to New York overnight on time (especially Early AM) is much tougher than going the opposite way due to the time zone changes.
  4. browndevil

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    Exactly! Hats off to you amazing UPSers that work in the Louisville Hub and turn those packages around in the middle of the night.
  5. hutcherintherye

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    Hadn't thought of that. Good point. But it still makes it on time :happy2:

    Thanks to ALL UPSers and hope you have a great New Years Eve!!!
  6. dannyboy

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    You are a driver after mine own heart:happy-very:

    That is the part about UPS that i loved the most, and miss the most.

    For a lot of my customers, UPS was their lifeline to the rest of the world. For several, it was a huge part of their bottom line. As such, I felt a part of their business, just as much as the sales person or the secretary. And for the most part, those people treated me as a valued part of their business. It was teamwork. They needed me/us and we needed them.

    With residential customers it was a bit different. Mostly they dont rely on our deliveries to make money. But the deliveries are just as important to them none the less. And the joy that comes from delivering a package a day before we were scheduled is ........well you know.

    I got to know the families. Watched the kids be born (in most cases not literally), grow up, go off to school. Some we had to "educate" while they were growing up. We were a part of the neighborhood. We watch over the "hood" and know when things are not right.

    And for most motorists, help is welcomed, but never so much as with the relief knowing it is a UPS man that is stopping after dark to help the woman by herself change the tire.

    Our "job" is so much more than just delivering that brown box. It is to represent the company and the drivers that came before. A tradition.

    And with that tradition comes Christmas. And I guess that is why I have a hard time dealing with the know it all people bad mouthing our service during hard times, cause I know the struggles the drivers faced, and the personal failure they felt each day, as the packages backed up in the system. A personal failure not of their own making, but yet the feeling is there. That we let the customers down. Those very same customers I described above.

    Sorry for the rant. Note to self, keep it short.

  7. browniehound

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    Dannyboy, thanks for the "rant to use your words, lol. I guess you understand what a little bit of customer service will do for our reputation. I would never call your post a "rant". I would call it something junior UPS drivers can learn a great deal from.

    I have pick-up accounts that give UPS a lot of money that will not lift a finger to help me. That is OK with me because its MY JOB to load the truck. I help them during the delivery, but they ignore this.

    Little do they know Mrs. X walks to my truck to get her package, while these pot-heads expect me to move 5-10 packages from their dock to 15 feet inside! I'm not doing it. Three of them greet me everyday and its their job to recieve the parcels. I put them on the dock and my job is done!
  8. Channahon

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    I did most of my shopping online, being retired and getting a little lazy in bad weather only.

    Anyways, I had deliveriers by UPS, FedEx and USPS. Emails and links to very helpful and easy to use. FedEx time in transit was right on time, and the any tracking number linked to the USPS was worthless.

    The majority of my packages came UPS, and the driver did a great job, even trekking up our steep driveway to ensure the package was out of sight.

    UPS tracking also allowed me to get myself or my husband outside to clear and salt the drive on bad weather days for the safety of the driver. And the safety of our mail person, who also had deliverd packages, but didn't leave them out of the weather.

    Just a note of thanks to all UPSer's for a challenging job well done during peak season.

    Happy New Year to all on BC
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    You woulld be floored how well the interaction is between my customers and I. My customers bend over backwards for me as I do for them in return. They make it so good for me that I think that I am quite overpaid at times.