How do you sheet up "dog"

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    Ive told been different things for sheeting up for a dog. One driver told me he does NOT IN then writes dog in comment and on the box. Another told me he sheets as security "dog". Not In you'd have to attempt 3 times and security you'd clerk im guessing. What do you guys do? Do you ever get out of the truck with an unfamiliar dog circling?
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    If it's a DR , I just threw it over the fence, and hope for the best that the dog(s) don't rip the parcel in pieces !
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    There are a lot of variables here but none of them include sheeting it as missed.

    If I can get close enough to the house and the pkg can be safely tossed on to the front step I will do that. If the pkg can't be tossed I will bag it and try to get as close to the front step as I can. If I am simply unable to safely deliver the pkg I sheet is as Not In and write "Dog" in the remarks column and on the package.

    Missed would indicate an attempt was not made.
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    We were instructed to enter those as missed. We all work for different franchises....

    Prior to that I had entered those as Not In, and "Dog" in the remarks.
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    So the consignee tracks the package, sees the missed and thinks to themself, "They didn't deliver it because of the dog"? No, they are going to think we blew off the stop.
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    I wholeheartedly agree with you.

    But I work as directed!
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    I charge the dog, growl at it, then calmly walk around back and hide the package out of view of the public.
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    We use 'emergency conditions', dog in the comment line and give to our evening clerk with a description of the dog and what it was doing. Many people deny that their precious Fluffy will bite, but if the clerk provides a description there is a better chance it will be believed.

    On my old route, there were 3 houses that we did not deliver to because of dogs. EDD now flags them to the clerk so the customer can be called for either pickup at the terminal or deliver to work address.
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    I must have a knack or something. I went to one house and DR't at the front door, no one answered when I knocked. I saw the dog in the flower bed. He just sat there and looked at me as I gave him the Milkbone. As I was walking back to the truck, the homeowner comes running out of the house-frantic as all get out. "I'm sorry I didn't hear you, I was way out back. I can take that. He won't bother you." I snickered and said 'you just ran by it on the step'.
    He was amazed anyone could get near his house, as the dog bites everyone. Well, the dog never bit me. I delivered there many times. Of course, I find Milkbones to be a wonderful investment.
    Many more stories very similar about the dogs on my routes and the other UPS drivers compared to me, in relation to how the dogs react. funny stuff.
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    Milkbones do not work with all dogs.

    Pepper spray does.
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    I guarantee you, if you ever did use pepper spay on a homeowners dog, and the owner would complain, you would be out of a job !
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    consignee delay
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    You would be incorrect.

    I have done it twice and both owners called.

    I also called my center right after and described the incident.

    The key to pepper spraying a dog is to do it on public property. Doing it on their property will be a problem. The 2nd dog I sprayed, I did it on someone's property, but the dog was a neighbor's dog. The dog ran home, I approached the property owner and asked if I could have my manager call him about the incident. He said yes and my boss had called him and got the whole story before the dog owner called. It was a thing of beauty.

    If I spray a dog, I make sure my butt is well covered.
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    It's the Milkbone being handed over my ​me, not you!
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    Emergency condition
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    You must be from Florida (stand your ground law) !
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    strike 2
  19. I sheet as ni1 and give it to qc with "Dog in yard"with service cross. They can call and let them know why I didn't deliver pkg and keep the dog inside for my next attempt. That's if there is no safe place to deliver close to house. I do tell some customers if the dog is in the yard I 'll leave it in a specified location and they will know why I left it there.
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    Some good, old fashioned Canadian "humor"?

    If I carried pepper spray, and a dog was coming at me, I don't care if I'm at the persons front door. It's pepper spray, not a shotgun, and if it's a choice between the dog having irritated eyes or me being bit, then sorry Fido