How does one do the job ?

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    During our UPS experience we are all trained on HOW TO DO THE JOB. No. 1 OUR BODIES : Do not work in any manner which will do harm to your body. No. 2 YOUR EQUIPMENT : Do not do damage to your equipment. NO. 3 YOUR CUSTOMER : Provide SERVICE to your customer. The overall guardian of the job is SAFETY. All the above mentioned will be performed SAFELY. s -UPS wants to make its employees feel like a squirrel crossing a busy 4 lane road stuck on the white line-
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    Kinda funny but when my hub brings new people on and trains them, they always stop by the unload and ask me to show them my hand/wrist and talk to them about conveyer belt safety. Im not sure if I posted about it much, but a conveyer belt when I was pulling it into the back of a package car, jumped or sweyed and crushed my hand/wrist between the conveyer belt and metal shelving and draged till belt released or somehow I got it to release. Once it crushed I dont remember much other than extreme pain and pulling my hand up seeing a leather glove just pushing blood out. If I knew anything about computers I would post the pictures from the e.r.. That might help with people understanding safety. The only thing worse than constant aching pain is the experience of being a part of a workers compensation claim/system. Anyway thought that might tie in with the safety and job training above.
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    Not to minimize your injury or the issues of safety, but how does this relate to IT?
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    sorry, Maybe I got the post wrong, thought the person was talking about safety. Signed on today and got a notice to take part in a post or post something, thought it was a warning that if you dont participate your account gets canceled. Maybe I'll go to the post about what we think about the union and post GO UNION. damn
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    Ignore New Yorker.He has 4000 posts stuck up his behind....Safty is always an issue....and get more sales leads!
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    I never said safety wasn't an issue but how does it relate to Information Technology? I just think that this thread doesn't belong in this forum.
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    I believe they track their "Safe Calculator Days".
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    No way dude ... get with the 21st century.

    It's Days without a PC Crash.

    Also, Days without a coffee spill. :wink2:
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    Either this thread was moved here by the Mods, I have a severe reading disability or UpState has lost his mind.
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    OUCH! Exactly why I confronted the sort mgr when they backed a bricked out PC up to a feeder unload bay during peak. Did your injury occur at a feeder unload (dock height) bay? In 2013 you need to fight for contract language to eliminate such equipment mismatches.
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    upstate, you're so confused that you're confusiing ME. Just kidding, the thread was probably moved.

    Welome brother in brown and "ouch" on that injury. Sure glad you didn't lose the use of it. I have a fearful respect for the conveyor systems - they won't offer a second chance once you're in them.

    The safety issue is a joke, and not a funny one. So much time and effort training us but very little reinforcement on the belts.

    There's a sign on the restroom wall at my cemter - YOU are the person most responsible for your own safety. Well said and good to be remembered. You know what's safe and unsafe for yourself. Doesn't have to be the same as the guy working next to you. We are individuals and I swear that UPS hates individuality with a passion.
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    Your post belongs! Some people like to pretend they own stock in the cafe! And apparently believe that they have the right to moderate everyone!
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    I guess I'm confused to Trpl! How does IT relate to this thread? LOL

    Take it easy Upstate! Not trying to bag on ya.:wink2:
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    This thread was originally started in the Information Services Forum, one of the other mods moved it into UPS Discussions.
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    Thank you, Scratch.

    Red, your statement sure looks foolish when read independent of the others.
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    Oh ok. Sorry Upstate.:wink2: I never even look at the IT forum. I didn't know that it was there. Hence, the reason why I was confused. LOL