How Is America Seen Globally?


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In light of the AP story below IMO it's a fair and wise question that we should ask ourselves. Over recent time I've been curious of just this very question and when I get the chance to engage non-Americans on this subject they tend to be relutant to express a viewpoint but I encourage them to truly express what they feel as freedom to speak is a cornerstone of the American ideal. To the person of those that do speak up they all agree the American people are wonderful although not without fault and the American culture has so much good to offer but they fear what we allow our gov't to do especially beyond our borders. Those from deeper in Central America often have interesting stories to tell.

I watched a recent program on the History Channel concerning biblical prophesy and for much of times past the evil of Revelation was laid upon many areas from Babylon to Rome and Nero to even Hitler or Soviet Union in modern times and at the same time America was seen as that shining city upon the hill. According to the program there is a growing belief around global Christendom that America may in fact really be the evil beast empire spoken of in the fearsome book.

As to whether we are right or wrong is granted a subjective issue at this point and sadly it will take history to tell the story which side was right and which side wrong but the saddest part is the unanswered question of what harm will come about if it turns out we were wrong? The other concern is are we strong enough to even ask ourselves that question or consider points of view that even consider asking the question to begin with? Each of us must look in the mirror and answer that one and then turn around and answer that to the most important people there are. The loved ones that share our lives and depend on us to do the right thing. Sometimes that's really the hardest thing of all to do because the real answer can be so cloudy to see.

As Paul Harvey would say:

Good Day!


How we are viewed is a question that we have to ask in order to find a final winnable solution in the middle east. There is a reason for the hatred directed at us even if we feel it is unfounded. I do think we are and have done a lot of good in Iraq. Perhaps we need to do a better job of advertising the successes.


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It all depends on where the viewpoint is coming from. A man indoctinated at his local radical mosque everyday is not going to have an informed opinion about America. Neither will some educated European who has been to the local university, only to learn that everyone is the same, and we need diversification and compassion distributed out by the government through heavy taxation. After you have shown compassion, allowing millions to migrate into your nation because their own countries have failed to employ them, they decide that your country should look more and more like that place they fled from. Who you listen to will determine where you are going, and too many are buying the "hate America" drumbeat being sounded by those who excel in building ruins. Terrorism will leave a lot of bloody, idealistic corpses. It is a cancer that will destroy the whole organism.