How is the Inside Building Rate determined for a Full Time package car driver

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Brett W Foley, Nov 2, 2019.

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  4. I've been working the preload in the morning, loading trucks. And then I come back in the evening and work the local sort, unloading package cars until I get my 8 hrs. guaranteed. I have mentioned may pay rate or showed a full time sup. every week (13 and counting). Most recently I had the preload F.T. sup put an inquiry into time and labor. They sent an email saying" employee is in 6th stage progression and should make top scale package car driver rate". I have no idea what "6th stage progression" is and it was agreed on b/w my center manager, labor manager, business agent,and me that I would be paid inside building rate
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    Our top rate at the start of this new contract was $30.64 for full time inside employees. With the 2018 GWI of $0.70, and 2019 of $0.75, I would assume the current FT inside rate is $32.09/hr.

    What did your BA say at the panel meeting?
    My understanding is that in 710, a revoked license for DUI gives management grounds to terminate, if the union cannot stall long enough for you to regain your license.

    If that were to be the case, and the center manager is doing you a solid by not getting rid of you, it might be wise to just suck it up with the lower pay rate rather than risking your job.
  6. Yes I did go to a SAP, completed the recommended treatment, have successfully passed 1 alcohol and drug test One other point worth noting is, according to our contract" if the company pays employee$50.00 or more ups has 2 days to make it up....I've been keeping records of all checks, dates I've said something to sup's and center manager about being shorted on weekly checks, etc. Just the penalty pay is $10, 814. Now I realize that would not go over well for me in the long run, just wondering how you would proceed or how much I should force the issue? Thanks
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    Article 3.5:
    I highly doubt you'll see a dime of that money, though. Or if you did, you'd be getting it as a severance package.
  8. You are correct in that UPS could have terminated me, which they did for about 6months. We were going to take it to arbitration, and BA and labor manager worked out a "deal" stating I am guaranteed 8hr/day, inside building rate, until I get my license back. I could care less about the back pay and penalty pay, I just want to know what I am supposed to get for the mutually agreed inside building rate.
  9. I was under the impression to figure my inside building rate, take the rate of my last part time work, add the yearly and contractual raises and that =inside building rate. Yes or no?
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    No, I don't think so.
    That would be for a part timer. Full timers inside the building DO have a top rate, and as you are guaranteed full time hours, I would assume you would fall under that.
    That's under Art 3, Section 1.D.

    That would be the roughly 32 ish an hour I put in up above. Assuming my math was correct.
    It's definitely an interesting situation though. You should definitely ask your BA, as I might be barking up the wrong tree completely.
  12. Are you getting that info from the national agreement or a local contract?
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    Why are you asking us. Call your BA. This is a question for the person that was part of the agreement.
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    @542thruNthru is correct on this, but those were my thoughts based on reading the local 710 contract.
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    DON'T GET ANOTHER DUI. We have/had a guy just like you, he would :censored2: with management (yelling at them lol, etc) and got termed for another DUI. Haven't seen him in 4 months lmao.
  16. The inside building rate was specifically stated in my return to work agreement between BA and labor manager. I don't think it was up for debate, take it or leave it basically