How long can they make you work a position that isnt yours?

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    Im a handler at a ramp, but im also qualified for heavy weight and DG and havent been on the sort for 2+ months. The first month I was over in heavy weight, then they swapped me back and forth for a couple of weeks between heavy weight and DG, and now I will be working DG until the end of April. Was wondering if anyone knows if there is a limit on the time you can be worked outside of your job title...especially without compensation for extended periods of time seeing as how it is another job classification. I dont mind filling in when needed, but this seems to have gone on for an extended amount of time and its really getting old.
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    First off, it is extremely unusual for someone in a Handler job classification to be DG certified. There has to be something going on unique to you (or your work location) that would have that situation occurring.

    Most individuals (everyone that I knew in AGFS - admittedly some time ago) that are DG qualified that aren't either Ramp Agents or sort Team Leaders work as DG Agents (and get paid as such) - they aren't handlers.

    Working HWT as a handler is nothing out of the ordinary. I had one or two handers assist me while building pallets (I'd run the forklift and do all the recordkeeping, they'd shift the freight if needed on the pallet then throw and secure the netting).

    I'd contact your HR rep (be prepared for laughter) and see if there is anything that can be done to get your job classification changed to DG Agent - or have your manager find someone else to run DG. Even within Express, they shouldn't be having someone doing work in a job classification that is paid more than the job classification they are actually paying someone. DG Agent pay is only about a $1 or so more than basic Handler pay, but you shouldn't be doing work in a higher paying job skill without getting the pay.

    Frankly, if they are paying you Handler pay and you are doing all of that - you are getting screwed. You need to either be classified as a Material Hander (about $0.50/hr bump) and not do DG, or classified as a DG Agent and then do what you are currently doing.

    If one is in a higher paid job code doing the work of a lower pay code (DOT Courier doing DG work at a station), they are still paid as a Courier for all the work they do (they don't get paid less for doing DG). I don't think the reverse is (or should be) true - a DG Agent cannot deliver/pickup packages unless they are in a Courier-Handler pay code (which is higher than a DG agent but lower than a Courier).

    One's designated pay code determines their rate of pay for ALL the work they do - regardless if a particular task is normally assigned to someone in a lower compensated pay code. If you are performing work which is in a higher pay code than the one you are currently in, you need to get your job classification changed.

    It sounds like your ramp manager/sr. manager is trying to have their cake and eat it too by having you solve one of their problems without treating you fairly. Standard practice at Express.

    If you give HR a call and let them know what is going on, I'll bet that either you get placed into a DG job code real quick - or they'll stop having you do DG work.
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    DG--Dangerous Goods? Would that be similar to our Hazardous Materials program?


    In the ramps and hubs, if the managers find out you are company trained for something, they will exploit the hell out of it. Chances are pretty good that you were getting a bit of extra time on the clock doing DG, you can kiss that goodbye unless you actually have a decent manager that will help you get upgraded to DG agent. That is one of the few jobs I never did and never wanted to do.
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    All I know is my manager originally asked me if I wanted to get DG certified to be used as a back up because she had an extra space in the class...But there are two other people also DG certified as backups...a material hander who position was created to be a "floater" where all he does is fill in when people are gone, and a team lead but she hasnt done DG in years and said she isnt comfortable going over there. Part of the reason I will be over there so long is because one of the DG specialists will be on vacation for 3 weeks, and the other has just signed an offer letter for another position which leaves myself and the floater to fill it till either one comes back from vacation or one is filled. Seems to me if they are holding the DG agent thats leaving for 30 days, that should be enough time to hire a new one and get them in their before the other one goes on vacation.

    There is also a pissing contest going on between managers right now...We dont really have that much volume, however there seems to be a lot of complaining between them over where I go on a daily basis. One says if they take me from the sort, they need to draft someone from the AM to replace me even though the volume doesnt really warrant it. The heavy weight manager is waiting for new peeps to be in trained and wants me over there, but my manager has had me in DG for the last 3 weeks for "training purposes" even though no one has ever trained over there for that long EVER. The general concesus is shes just doing it because she doesnt want to lend out her employees where they are really needed unless its to cover a person whos position falls under her. Its just getting old...Im tired of walking in to get my time card and being thrown in the middle of two managers argueing over where im doing. My schedule is never correct anymore because I never know where Im going to be nor do the managers until they duke it out, and at one point they actually didnt even have a start time because my manager had crossed them both out and didnt put a new one down...I guess the plus side of that is I couldnt be late for work though lol.

    Im not understanding why they dont just draft someone from the AM for this position like they are supposed to since they arent getting off their @sses to hire someone new for this extended period of time.

    On a side note, I bumped a package the other day for paperwork. DG admin called and said it that is the only thing wrong with the package to send it anyways and if there are any questions to call them. So I called them and told them what the information in the job aid says, exactly where it was,and that it had just been updated, explained what was wrong and how it didnt meet criteria, and they still said send it. When I asked if the information was wrong they said no, it was correct. So how the heck can you have requirements we must follow that say one thing, but its ok for DG admin to override/ignore them? Do they not realize if the FAA is auditing anywhere along the way and finds it we will get a HUGE fine?
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    If there having you do haz they better give you the pay raise with it. Dg agent and teamlead are both same payscale, approx $1.50 raise from handler. Dont let them get you, if your doing haz i'd expect the pay as well. Cant name how many times someone did a position for months to realize they're being paid a couple tiers less then they should.
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    If you are doing DG work at a heavyweight station you SHOULD be getting paid for it. We have a few handlers at my RT station that take turns doing the DG paperwork, but they get paid the DG pay regardless of what they actually do that day DG work or building pallets.

    If your not getting the DG pay, you are shouldering the responsibility of ensuring that the Dangerous Goods loaded onto a truck, and then a plane are correct and SAFE. It is one of the few positions where YOU can be held legally responsible if something goes wrong...THINK ABOUT THAT!


    And that right there is why I never did DG and still won't. A plane goes down, the DG agent is one of the first people scrutinized.
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    DG responsibilities? Uh, no. Not in this lifetime.
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    For $1 an hr. more, no freakin' thanks.
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    So I called HR today and was told that if they are having you work anywhere outside your official job title for more than 50% of your shift then you should be compensated. Told the HR rep that I was working there 100% of the time and will be into May as it stands now and he said he is going to contact the ramp manager (since mine is on vacation) and talk to him about it. Soooo, sounds like I will either be compensated for my time over there or I wont be working over there more than half the shift...either way I have a feeling my manager is gonna be a lil ticked at me when she comes back from vacation lol.
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    I'm glad you contacted HR and they did the right thing.

    Your senior manager had to know what was going on.

    Just another example of management knowingly disregarding personnel management policy (they knew better) in order to cover their butts.

    Now the issue for you is back pay. You need to present to HR some form of proof that you were doing this work going back to whatever date you started filling in. You will not only get your pay adjusted from now through May, but you are owed back wages for the work that has been performed.
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    That shouldnt be to hard...All I need to do is get copies of my past time cards. When Im on the sort I change to one manager, heavyweight another, and when Im working DG Im under my manager.