Seniority violation. How far back can grievant go for monetary compensation?

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    When a person's seniority has been violated can the grieved individual, from his POINT OF KNOWLEDGE, ONLY go back 30 days for monetary compensation or go back from the time the violation was occurring which was approximately 4 months in this case? The company is trying to say that you can not sit on a violation then try to get compensated for an extended period of time, which I get and agree, but this particular violation was going on WITH OUT the knowledge of the grieved individual due to the violation occurring outside the grieved individuals work schedule. If any one has ANY information, links, or areas in the contract to refer to, that could help, it would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you
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  3. Blindsider

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    Thank you so much for your reply. Do you have a place in the contract I can refer to? Article such and such?
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    What your local?
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    You can go back 90 days from "point of knowledge" under the Maintenance of Standards

    article in your supplemental agreement.

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    Thanks Bug, but I don't see the "90" days in this Article 23. Do you have any other resources?

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    Probably under your supplemental language that describes the grievance process. It gives all the time limits and panel info. It should say "a grievance must be filed within XXXXX days of the occurence OR that the occurence should have been known".
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    Thanks Brown Monk, but I haven't been able to find ANYTHING that states how far you can go back for compensation. The "grievance procedure" definitely states how many days you have to do this, that, and the other as far as filing, but I can't find out where it gives a time limit on how far back you can get compensation.
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    It's almost like industry standard, and mentioned specifically in other supplements.
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    Hi Bug, I wish the "90" day language was somewhere in the contract because they are STICKING to only going back 30 days.