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  1. Tbrooks387

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    Since the settlement in principle was reached last week with UPS for the National UPS agreement, plans have been made for negotiations on the supplemental agreements. As stated in the previous contract update (June 21), the supplemental agreements must be resolved and approved by UPS local unions first. This week’s update will focus on the new classification of Full-Time Combination Driver and further materials will be issued about other highlights of the settlement.

    A new classification, Full-Time Combination Driver, will protect weekends for package-car drivers, will address the issues of excessive, forced overtime and will create thousands of new full-time job opportunities for part-time employees.

    The new classification is referred to as “22.4 Combination Drivers” (Article 22, Section 4 new subsection B), similar to 22.3 combination jobs that already exist.

    “Our members know that they work in a changing industry, driven by e-commerce and the ‘Amazon effect,’ where consumers want fast delivery and weekend delivery,” said Denis T, Director of the Teamsters Package Division and Co-Chairman of the Teamsters National UPS Negotiating Committee. “This new classification reflects this changing world while protecting our package-car drivers’ weekends, creating more full-time jobs and addressing excessive overtime.”

    “We know how important weekends are for package-car drivers, to be able to attend their child’s activity or go away for a couple of days, and we also know how excessive, forced overtime has created upheaval within families,” Taylor said. “These new 22.4 Combination Driver jobs will address these important issues while also creating a new career position with the same excellent Teamster-negotiated benefits and a family wage.”

    Here are some questions and answers:
    Q: How will regular package-car positions be protected under this new 22.4 Combination Driver classification?
    A: In the event that your building utilizes 22.4 Combination Drivers, current Package Drivers, referred to in the agreement as Regular Full-time Package Car Drivers (RPCD), will be protected from replacement by 22.4 Combination Drivers or any part-time cover driver as allowed in any Supplement, Rider or Addendum. If an RPCD leaves employment or bids to another classification, that job must be filled as an RPCD and continue to be covered under Article 41 Section 2. No RPCD can be laid off or displaced from their classification while any 22.4 Combination Drivers are working in the building.

    Q: How will package-car drivers’ weekends be protected?
    A: RPCDs will work a Monday through Friday shift. Our members made it clear that they were not interested in giving up time with their families. RPCDs that are working a Tuesday through Saturday shift now will be moved back to a Monday through Friday shift within 18 months. If the RPCD was hired recently, specifically for a Tuesday through Saturday shift, the company has a maximum of 24 months to move them to a Monday through Friday shift.

    Q: Will there be limits on the new position?
    A: The number of 22.4 Combination Drivers will not exceed 25 percent of the total number of RPCDs in your building. If the company needs additional drivers for Saturday or Sunday work, RPCDs will be offered first and forced last and will make the Supplemental overtime rate if applicable. If the Saturday and Sunday volume increases to the extent that RPCDs must consistently work those days, the union and UPS may adjust the 25 percent to avoid the RPCDs being required to work those days. RPCD openings will be filled under the Supplemental procedures; however, the “6 to 1” hiring ratio will NOT apply to RPCD openings. All RPCD openings will be filled by bargaining unit employees, not outside hires. This will provide additional full-time opportunities for part-time employees.

    Q: How will this address excessive, forced overtime?
    A: In any building that implements 22.4 Combination Drivers, all RPCDs will fall under the Article 37 Section 1 (c) “9.5” protection regardless of years of service or the route they hold. The newly created 22.4 Combination Driver jobs will not fall under the Article 37 “9.5” language. All other conditions in the NMUPS agreement and the Supplements, Riders and Addendum will apply.

    Q: Why is this important to employees other than drivers?
    A: This new classification of full-time employee will open up thousands of full-time opportunities for part-time employees, which is a top priority for those employees. These jobs come with full-time benefits. Also, in many smaller centers around the country, it is very difficult to create new 22.3 Inside/Inside jobs, as there are no back-to-back shifts.

    Q: What other important information should I know?
    A: Provisions in the Supplements that provide progression time and/or wage credits for a part-time cover driver who moves into an RPCD job will also apply to moving into a 22.4 Combination Driver job. Also, the start rate for 22.4 Combination Drivers will be $20.50 and reach a top rate of $34.79 by August 1, 2022. The top rate on August 1, 2018 will be $31.34 and will increase each year in accordance with the General Wage Increases.
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  2. BakerMayfield2018

    BakerMayfield2018 Fight the power.

    I hate u and your mother.
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  3. keeb86

    keeb86 Member

    My route already gets cut on Mondays when it shouldn’t. If this goes through my route is screwed.
  4. Tbrooks387

    Tbrooks387 New Member

    Do you have the seniority to bump someone under you ?
  5. Benben

    Benben Working on a new degree, Masters in BS Detecting!

    Wives count?
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  6. 542thruNthru

    542thruNthru Well-Known Member

    So tell me. How do you feel about the 22.4 job?
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  7. Box Ox

    Box Ox Well-Known Member

    Thanks, Union for creating a permanent full timer underclass that'll have the right to work for less and may not even receive the same protections a "RPCD" does.

    This isn't an optimal solution to specific problems. This is the Company getting a foot in the door toward a lower paid workforce in the future.
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  8. keeb86

    keeb86 Member

    Yeah but they want to treat me like a cut driver on Monday’s. If I try to bump some sups tell me I can and others tell me I can’t. No consistency unless it favors them
  9. Tbrooks387

    Tbrooks387 New Member

    ups is going to eventually go to a 7 day ground service at some point.
    The market demands it.
    For me At almost 25 years service. The new 22.4 will keep me working mon-Friday with no weekends.
    I have 2 sons. Depending on the roll out in our center. Only about 60-80 routes daily. One is already a full time driver the other is 2 years out. So one is looking at mon-Friday. The other could be working weekends till a full time retires and per the agreement. That position has to be refilled, I assume using seniority a hybrid can move to the current driver position. That wasn’t really clarified in what I read.
    I’m not feeling the “strike strike stike”
    Mentality I see a lot on here.

    For me. If we go to a sat and Sunday and my route is out in Monday. I know around 50 routes in out center. I’ll run something else to get my hours in.
    I’m not limited on knowledge, ability, or work ethic.
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  10. Tbrooks387

    Tbrooks387 New Member

    what does your union steward say ? Seniority is seniority. It’s all we got.

    AZUPSCHUCK New Member

    I've heard that after August 1st, there will no longer be full time driver positions filled. Everyone after that date will be hired as a hybrid?? Any truth to that rumor?
  12. scratch

    scratch Least Best Moderator Staff Member

    "The newly created 22.4 Combination Driver jobs will not fall under the Article 37 "9.5" language."

    WTH is this garbage?
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  13. just chillin'

    just chillin' Rest in peace wooba

    not only will 22.4s not be protected by 9.5 language but all current drivers regardless of progression will be forced to opt in to 9.5? it says nothing of drivers wanting to opt out and get there OT
  14. Tbrooks387

    Tbrooks387 New Member

    Says they have to maintain the current number of full time drivers in each center. With a max of 25 hybrid drivers
    So if a driver retired that position has to be refilled. If they need to increase the hybrid drivers. They have to increase the reg full time drivers too.

    AZUPSCHUCK New Member

    What will happen to the TCD position?
  16. opie

    opie Active Member

    They are going to have to buy a lot of new trucks for these hybrids. We barely have enough just for our regular FT drivers.
  17. TearsInRain

    TearsInRain IE boogeyman

    “we care about package car drivers weekends, except for these 22.4 guys :censored2: them”
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  18. BakerMayfield2018

    BakerMayfield2018 Fight the power.

    Think about that for a minute.... peak season we gotta rent a 100 u-haul vans. U really think they are gonna buy enough trucks for these guys????? Get real.
  19. badpal

    badpal Active Member

    Well they always talking about investing in new hybrid vehicles. Guess we will finally see them.
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  20. Jackburton

    Jackburton Gone Fish'n

    Thought our union was about bringing people up to share in the wealth, not create a second class citizen workforce.

    My vote is, and will be until 22.4 is removed, no.
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