How long have u worked at UPS and how many years do u have left until retirement?


Thanks for the replies. I have seen so many changes at this place in the last 45 years. I remember wool work pants to wear all year, bow ties , and leather hats. I got to meet Jim Casey and made many friends along the way. It's a different UPS now...Good luck to all of you!


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I started in November 1976 as an unloader/porter. Did that for 14 months, and took advantage of a package car opening that came up. (there were only 3 part timers working in my small building) Did the package car thing for 9 years on the same route. Went into feeders in 1986. Stayed in feeders till I retired Feb 3rd, 2014. I had actually planned to stay a couple of more years, but I tore my rotator cuff in April of last year while pulling a 5th wheel. A combination of several lingering injuries (knees mostly, back and shoulder) and I just decided to hang em up. I ended up with 33 years safe driving and at age 59, I'm looking forward to doing whatever I want for a change. haha.


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I worked 34yrs just retired may 1st
Congrats on your exit with a pension!

I too was a May I'm outta here employee!

I took it a step farther tho, I went out 05-05-05 sometimes I cant remember what happened on Cinco De Mayo.

Altho for some reason I know that is the last day I ever held a job!

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i have worked at UPS since december of 1989...i work in upstate NY...belong to local 182
started as a xmas helper for $ make $32.72
i can not retire until i turn 55 years old
born on 5-18-1966...i will have 32 years with the company in 8 years and 2 months
8 years 2 months left with UPS...two more contracts
have been with UPS for 24 years...driving for 17 years

hard work...a lot of bull crap but has provided me with a lifestyle i couldn't of gotten anywhere else

feel free to add to the thread
your math??? if born in 66 you are 55 now.
so retire.


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Retired as soon as I qualified.
have no idea why anyone would stay longer other than financial hardship ( sorry if you do )

been a vaca for us last 6 years.
lovn every minute.