How long will it take to transfer from days to night?

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    I am a package handler and I am wanting to be transferred to nights mainly because I need variety and for school. I have almost 4 years of seniority. The other day I entered into the computer at UPS to be transferred to nights. Approximately how long is the average wait time and how will I be informed?
  2. Richard Harrow

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    In these parts the list is updated weekly. Don't know how long it will take but they'll FedEx you the paperwork when the transfer goes through.
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    Have,you gone to HR to explain why you need to change sorts
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    I just transferred to Preload from Night myself. It depends on the position you move to. If it's a bid position, you'll have to wait until you're next in line. If it's an entry level position like loading or unloading, then they're supposed to move you before they hire new people for that position.

    Either way, contact your steward ASAP. Management strung me along for two months before I got the union involved, and that's when things started happening.
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    15 years.
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    Turned in paper work On a Wednesday after preload and started twilight that Friday...depends what your hub needs
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    My hub is a bitch to switch shifts. The way I do it is by showing them my class schedule which would interfere with my work time. I tell them this ahead of time. Then when school starts I don't show up to work. They crap out and panic having no choice but to move me to the new shift.

    When ever they ask me why are you picking classes during work time, I tell them because it's the only time this class is available at and I already told you ahead of time. I switch shift 3 times using this method. Now if I'm from Nights or Preload, I'm going to have to do some extra work convincing them. My hub only carries a Day, Twilight and Night shift.
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    867530.9 days.
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    Pie Day transfer special!
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    8-9 hours.