How many members attended your Locals contract meeting.

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by browned_out, Nov 4, 2007.

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    :mad: We just had our meeting on 11/03 and what a joke that was. I'm not talking about the meeting, I'm refering to the lack of people who showed up. Our local represents two buildings which together has approx 130 drivers, I don't know the number of p/t but it has to be around 125 or more.

    The local set up three meetings to try and accomadate everyone, the first was in the morning at 7:00am, breakfast included, 10 people showed up. The second meeting was at 11:30, breakfast/lunch included, 9 people showed up. The third meeting was to be held at 4:00pm at the local, I will find out tomorrow how many showed.

    I don't hold out much hope that the turn out will be any better, just for your info, the local did send out mailers and most people I spoke with knew about the meetings. Go figure!!!!
  2. BrownShark

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    Local 396 has over 10K UPS Teamster members, our local chose NOT TO CONTACT the membership and schedule any meetings.

    Instead, they have chosen to hand out t-shirts and leather bags to a select few to try and sell the contract in the yards. Sorry for them, they get the priviledge of being yelled at.

    Our Officers have hid like cowards behind a tall fence.

    Well see what the future holds for these Officers who sold us out, voted to accept this contract and present it to us, then hid to avoid answering any tough questions.

    They wont even answer the phone.


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    I was amazed at our low turnout in Atlanta Saturday. About 100 out of 4000 in the whole state. I think there was one in Tifton, Ga, for our members down in the southern part of the state yesterday. It wasn't posted in our building, but our Local sends out automated e-mails to anyone that signs up on the website. Our BA was in the building for his weekly visit, and I still didn't recognize anyone from my Hub. I told a few people about it myself too.
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    It was sad here as well... we even had notices and phone calls letting us know of the meeting. I told many people in the building and we still had maybe 35-40 people. It's disconcerting to think of the people bothering to vote some of those don't even bother trying to get information. I don't care which way you're voting - to just send in an uninformed ballot is the height of irresponsibility.
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    We have at least 60 dirivers here and probably that many part-time and full-time inside jobs. We had a very poor number of people show up. There was not one part-time employee. I made sure there were fliers for everyone to see, so it was not a matter of people not being aware of the meeting. I hear a lot of noise from a few drivers promoting a vote no campaign. Not a one of these people could take the time to attend the meeting.
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    To me, even though these meetings are crucial and potentially life changing, they sound boring. I'd almost rather drink out of the toilet than spend my free time at a Local to hear people gripe. Why not sex these meetings up a little? How about a combination contract meeting/hand basket weaving contest? Wait a second, that sounds worse yet. How about a fashion show - a dance off - or an amature strip contest? Confetti? Karaoke? a piñata?
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    Why not pay for gas and get us out of our 2nd jobs
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    Brownshark is right! Local 396 officals can't even give up a straight answer on any of the hard questions. I just laugh when I see the trustees and BA's getting yelled at about how bad this contract is, I wonder why they've been hiding.:biggrin:
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    Wow! You sure you're not referring to local 804? Maybe we have the same officers! Sounds exactly like their mo.
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    We had about 10% of the drivers show up for our meeting and not a single part timer. It was pretty disheartening to say the least. Whats even more saddening is people will be voting and not even knowing what they are voting on.
  11. slg45

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    17 out of about 400++
  12. toonertoo

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    I saw a flyer in the check in area about a meeting in Cleveland for another local, on the 29th.................... on the 30th..............and we were invited!!!!!!! I dont think we had one, I actually would have went.
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    Our local was no different than the others, about 1/3 of the members showed up and most were only concered with the wages. I guess it is no different when people go to the polls and vote only about 1/3 show up for that as well. So if you don't vote don't bitch!