how much do you spend on christmas

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    How much does everyone typically spend on their children for Christmas. I have a 3 year old and a ten year old and I try and spend the same amount of money on each. Wondering if I should go bigger on the oldest. So far I spent about $350 in small toys. I will probably buy them each a $300-$400 "big" gift also. And then $15-$20 for all nieces nephews and anyone else on my list.
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    Ill take a case of 20 dollar case of beer....uncle RKCTKC
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    Who knows what my wife spends. I say don't spend to much money and she say I won't. I think she does.
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    We didn't go by money, but number of gifts........3 kids.
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    Too much!
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    We average a planned budget of about $10k per kid. Then we deduct for food, clothing,housing, entertainment,miscellaneous etc, and usually end up at $100 per kid.
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    My wife is the best home maker in the world. She goes to the stores January and clears out their toy clearance sections. We have 6 Targets in our general area and about 12 walmarts (its the only time i cant keep her away) so she gets a haul. Spends about 500 bucks.

    With that 500 bucks we get the majority our kids bday and Christmas presents. We'll give them 2 or three things from "the stash" and then its supplimented by a 40 to 50 dollar toy they have been asking for.

    My middle son threw a wrench in it the past year by asking for shoes for a local charity for his 5th bday. His sisters then followed suit asking for canned food for our food bank and clothes for an orphanage over seas we help support.

    Anything and everything left over we give to our church as they are constantly approached by those in need due to the area the church serves.

    Rinse and repeat
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    You make me feel like such a chump. Only thinking about myself
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    You mean you dont give to the united way?

    Neither do I.

    I always tell them, "If am paying for hookers and beer I wanna paticipate."
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    when they are little we buy pretty good stuff at thrift stores. they only need a cleaning up. same with clothes since they grow out of them. the older kids we ask them to make a list and ask them for their first best choice. we make a big deal telling them "NO WAY!" since it usually pretty expensive but we usually give them that item so they are surprised.

    stocking stuffers is my specialty since that was MY favorite part on Christmas morning. I get time worn favorites like yo-yo's, that little spiro-wheel that you set off with a string, marbles, paddleball, silly puddy, tops, candy, and lots of little favorites that work year after year. they will stay real busy with the simplest stuff.

    the little ones have more fun with the mt boxes. ha ha.
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    I'm guessing the Mrs. will spend roughly a 1000 dollars on everything for the family, both immediate and extended. We only have one child so that helps, a little. I think I'm better off not knowing the actual answer, especially if I've :censored2: her off.

    (Like that ever happens...):surprised: