How to acquire a UPS occupation..?

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  1. jdjones2001

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    I'm a recent college grad , and i wouldn't mind (that being somewhat of a mis-statement) working at UPS. The only obstacle is that my degree, BA in Political Sci. ; isn't exactly applicable to well.. anything. I have several friends who work at shipping services -UPS/ Fed-Ex -- with the identical degree as myself. I was just wondering if anyone had any advice on seeking employment at UPS. And more so how can i get on and use my education as leverage, and not just start as a part time package handler??? surely there has to be some other way than starting from the bottom with the potheads!
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    Superiority complex ?

    Afraid of hard work?

    Won't get hands dirty?

    Do you want the corner office with the view of the lake??
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    Hmmm, not out to make a lot of friends, are you college boy? :tongue_sm

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with WORKING your way up.

    Don't worry though, if you do start "from the bottom" they'll come around soon enough (3 months in my case) and ask if you want to become a supervisor.

    I say go for it, Mr. Poli-Sci!!! :thumbup1:


    The rest of us... smoke 'em if you got 'em! :laugh:
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    I've been a package loader before for lowe's. As far as hard work- i've done everything from ditch digging to plumbing to septic tank installation. So don't lecture me about hard work, Jack. It would just seem somewhat of a misuse of time to work in a position where the only requirement is to be 18 years of age.
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    Just as well let him in middle to upper management right off........can't be any worse than what's going on now.
    We've had people in management with degrees in art, music and history so other than a badge of honor it appears the area of the degree apparently doesn't matter.
    The OP didn't mention what jobs his "....several friends...." are doing at the other shipping services.
    Do I have a degree? Yes. Am I in management? No.
    Good Luck on your future plans.
  6. CTOTH

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    I think you'll find there's a difference between the package handler position at Lowe's and the position at UPS.

    To answer your question, we have a union and the contract dictates you start at the bottom, but they are having a difficult time finding management (and for good reason, you'd do well to question this), so it shouldn't take you long to break out of the ranks of us hourlies.
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    Is it required to be in a/the union?
  8. BrownHumor

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    Oh, I'm sorry, you loaded packages for bLowe's. Yeah, that's comparable.

    It would just seem somewhat of a misuse of time to put someone in a position where they have no idea how the operation works.

    BTW, you're digging yourself one heck of a ditch here.
  9. jdjones2001

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    I'm not saying that working for (b)Lowe's , Ups, fedex, Mcdonalds, The City Road & HIghway department is comparable at all to one or all. Just pointing out that I haven't lived a posh lap of luxury existence, and that I don't have a phobia of getting ''hands dirty''. I don't think there's anything wrong with at least trying to gain some knowledge on whether you can start out at a company somewhere above ground floor . Still don't understand how that's digging a ditch.
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    One of the first jobs I ever had was a bank teller job. While I was in this job, the company hired this new hot-shot executive just out of college. Before he assumed his new postition, though, the bank made him do every job in the bank for 6 weeks. So he started out as a teller, then customer service and so on and so on. So now this guy knows the ins-and outs over every single part of the bank operation. The only requirement of a teller job was to be 16 years of age yet this top executive did the job for 6 weeks. Personaly, I don't think this was wasted time. These are the people I want in charge. The ones that have acually performed your duties at one time.

    My opinion is you really need to start at the bottom. And quite frankly, if I was the HR rep. that interviewed you and you said you deserve to be hired and not start out as a package handler, I would take your application and throw it in the trash when the interview was over. Managers need to know the business from top to bottom.
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    I completely understand the concept that someone running a ship needs to know exactly what every person is doing and what every position does. I just wanted to know if anyone knew if there were a way to jump ahead of the bottom considering i have a piece of paper. Everyone thinks i'm downing the package handlers or whatnot and that's not the case. Just wanting to know if ,yes, there is/was some way to avoid that ; or if UPS would be more likely to hire on account of college. Jeez.
  12. CTOTH

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    Short answer: no

    Depends on your position and state legislature. Management is a non-union position. Clerks, sales, etc.. all non-union in most areas. Do you live a Right-to-work state?
  13. EAM_Master

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    He says he's from Alabama, so I'm willing to bet that he is in a Right-to-work-state.
  14. jdjones2001

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    § 25-7-30. Declaration of policy.
    It is hereby declared to be the public policy of Alabama that the right of persons to work shall not be denied or abridged on account of membership or nonmembership in any labor union or labor organization. (Enacted August 28, 1953.)

    Guess that means i don't have to join a union. Thank goodness.
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    From your attitude it doesn't seem like UPS is the place for you.
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    If you do not want any friends at ups and worry if your car has tires when u leave dont join the union,think about it do you want to live with that,good luck:thumbup1:
  18. local804

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    surely there has to be some other way than starting from the bottom with the potheads![/QUOTE]

  19. jdjones2001

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    maybe soo... vandalism would be a problem... but for me just the morality and good conscious of the matter.. i don't think I could bring myself into the grip of the almighty union.

    "The workers have discovered that the union is the only way for them to withstand the overpowering pressure of capital."
    - Karl Marx, Die Kriegsfrage
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    Many of us bottom feeders also have pieces of paper. If you don't want to start out as a package handler you can check the jobs online as someone posted the link already for you. I am not sure how far ahead you can jump with your piece of paper but I hope it will cushion you when you fall.

    I work with a guy who was on my line for less than 2 months and today was his first day as a supervisor. Good luck!