How to do a QPR raise review

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    From the how to be a center manager playbook
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    From what has been going on this is so true!


    That is Funny, it actually happened to me when I was PT Sup., my manager called me over, showed me a bag of air smalls that according to him was left by my sort, he than began yelling at me and I went back at him, he than told the full time sup to get the paperwork ready to fire me, I told him i was sick of his threats and when I went in his office he says, I dont really want to fire you! I told him than why do you keep saying it! So yes that is true even out of a comic strip.
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    It is pretty funny how every year my 2 percenter just covers how much they jack up the benifits in november...


    Yeah, insurance went from $11 a week for the whole family to whatever it is now.
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    Because when you take away incentives for production, all that's left to use as motivation is fear. I've said again and again, if you guys would lower your expectations you'll never be disappointed.
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    I apologize in advance for the rant that follows.....

    Whatever happened to self motivation? When did everyone start needing 'incentives' in order to do a good job? Why can't people get any gratification out of simply doing things better than someone else?

    Look, I like to be compensated for my efforts just as much as the next guy. I have never received a raise in my 11 years less than 3%. I don't play the 'victim'. I somehow make my numbers without this commonly claimed 'selling of the soul'. My work group, both hourly and PT sups' moral is high. There hasn't been a grievance filed in 3 years. I get along with all of my employees. I get along with all my supervisors, managers, and bosses. I don't care about things I can't control. I set realistic expectations because I'm not in some La La Land thinking I'm getting a $10,000 bonus every year and a 5%+ raise to boot. And hey, at the end of the day, our basic compensation is nothing to scoff at. Things could be worse…

    Whatever happened to people appreciating what they have? Why so much pessimism? What do people really expect? Things suck sometimes. Life sucks sometimes. Our economy sucks all the time. But you are in control of how you handle it. I feel like people lean on UPS for their personal joy and happiness. It's almost like they need UPS to validate their legitimacy. When people screw up do they expect NOT to be reprimanded in some form or fashion? So many pity parties, and so many people seemingly waiting for something to happen rather than taking the reins and putting forth some effort. I've seen too many PT sups bitch about not being promoted yet they have no clue that the MAPP process is located and handled entirely by TMS. Seriously. They expecting people to beg, plead, roll out a red carpet?

    Whatever happened to managing with confidence? When did everyone become so 'scared' or paranoid? When did everyone start believing that managers can be fired all willy-nilly because one set of numbers one particular time were missed? What ever happened to taking control of your environment rather than being a product of it? Is your boss crossing the line? HANDLE it….report it….do something about it…don’t accept it. This “fear” doesn’t rule a single second of my work day. Motivation to be successful does. It's sad to see so many crappy attitudes...and maybe it makes sense to be that way in their own heads. But it's like watching a racing horse writhe around on the ground with a broken leg. I feel like someone needs to put them out of their misery.

    Call me ignorant. Call me naive. Claim that I'm too young to understand. Tell me that I'll 'get it' one day. Tell me that I'll get screwed one day too, and become just as cynical. Tell me I'll have to sell my soul to be making my operational goals. Tell me I need to be a prick to get results. I've heard them all before. Cool story. I'm still waiting for any of them to be true.

    Now here, take my soapbox and smash it'll make you feel better.
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    I could argue in a point by point fashion, but honestly: I just want to work where you work one day; do you work with Upstate?

    Seriously, though: I've worked every single day for the past two weeks because the operation is completely understaffed - I call HR, and their response is "Oh, we'll have someone there tomorrow." I've been through this dog and pony show before, and I know why they are not sending someone over. But, then, I have my managers in my face today asking me why I haven't turned in any observations or DOK's in the past two weeks.

    And, when I say work, I mean working my ass off, on top of all the other responsibilities I have - so, yeah, I'm a little bitter about that.

    Finally, this has been repeated over years and years, so to argue "Hey, life sucks sometimes" is just not a concrete argument.

    So, do I somewhat agree with you? Yeah, a lot of people put in no effort and expect spectacular things for themselves; on the other hand, the "higher ups" literally expect you to grind yourself to pieces ... for what? You take so many years of that abuse, and yeah, you get a little jaded. Sue me - ground is a miserable hell hole.
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    Ill make it short and sweet Longtime. Spend a week at a center away from that sweet airport and youll see how UPS really is when you dont have the faa tsa and all that other government crap looking over your shoulder constantly.
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    3 of my 11 years were spent in a large ground hub....I know how stuff gets there, and I know that situations are more or less the worst for PT sups, specifically.

    Honestly, I wasn't really even aiming this towards PT sups at all, and honestly, I can understand your points. I was a PT sup for longer than I ever wanted to be considering how long it took to be promoted. I had more than ample enough reasons to become jaded, pissy, or any other negative adjective. My time at the hub was light years less enjoyable overall than at the airport. I'm not denying that it's a much better gig. But it can be every bit as much of a beast as any hub or center, when it wants to. Honestly, it's like trying to compare apples and bananas...

    If there's anything I can say about PT supervision, is that you will never have more job security in any other management position. When there are screw ups or something bad enough requiring a conference call, upper management wants FT sup blood and will literally not want to hear about PT sups. Unless you are a delinquent, you are virtually bullet proof. I doubt that 'job security' is enough to make up for the crap conditions, but it's something.

    And honestly, Tx and brownbaggin, I didn't intend to rub you two specifically the wrong way. It was directed more towards the likes of Jackburton, blackballed, and quite a long list of others who can't seem to post anything in ANY thread that doesn't have some sort of 'woe is me' slant to it.

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    If I read this right, the last time you were in a ground hub was 8 years ago?
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    Really Woe Is Me, anything I post are facts and if you think going through 5 managers, some who would scream at me in front of my employees and others who would tell me if I was comfortable in my chair saying good because I am about to rip you a new one is normal than you are a fricken fool, because no-one no matter how they handle things should put up with that, and it is not a woe is me deal, it was hard trying to accomplish things when managers are in your face constantly and I had one of the best local sorts and no injuries for 5 years straight, so if you cant address the post directly without calling out others than you are no better than the other incompetents called Full time Management.
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    So what did you do about this terrible, inhumane treatment?

    Secondly, I never said it was normal......that would be everyone else who thinks that's how management is everywhere. Which, I agree that it isn't.....
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    Maybe more bull:censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: plops down the ladder in centers than in feeder or air side, ya got me.....
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    I'm dying to work where you work.
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    I have a feeder run that takes the air trailer to the airport at night.. I have seen it all...When they, tsa..faa.. are not around they just send me to to the plane after checking in.. I do not have a badge so I am suppose to have an escort..and...that escort is suppose to stay in the tractor I drive ( I learned a long time ago that it is not mine ) yet, I drive back to the plane, and wait for the cans to get pulled off...When the White shirts doing an audit are there or if the faa or tsa are watching, OH boy.Do they put on a show...It is typical UPS bull:censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:..