how to handle hourly giving sups "gifts"

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    We have a cowork in our area that gets a lot of favoritism. If it gets slow and they start sending people home, she goes, because she is the only one asked. If she wants to stay late she can do that too. If she wants a day off without using an option day she gets it. She is pretty buddy buddy with the sup. She brings cookies for the part time, full time, and the general full time sup, or puts a box of cookies in the sup office. She always has food and the sups expect it from her. Honestly, she has more seniority than me. I don't want to leave early, and I stay about as late as I can. I'm not the grieved person here. My other coworker I work closely with has more seniority and did try to file. She really didn't word her grievance well. She talked to the general manger and the union steward. Then the GM came to her and said,"if you file that grievance you're fired." This can't be right. I can file a grievance for someone being ugly, but being ugly isn't breaking any articles. So it would just get thrown out... Why intimidate her not to file if there isn't any problem. She actually did cave and not file. But I feel like where there is smoke there is fire. If management doesn't want her to file they must be doing something wrong. Today she brought cookies again. I feel like this is bribery. I bet she gets Friday off for her son's football game, with no write up. And, our hub has said e-cigs are equal to regular cigs and must be used out side, but she still carries it around and tugs on it while working.

    So do I file a grievance for this? if so how/for what? Is this an HR issue? if it is then there is nothing I can do because HR promotes clique behavior at our hub. Should I call UPS helps?
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    First of all: Where's your shop steward in all of this?

    You cannot/should not grieve it because you are not the aggrieved employee. Your coworker should call the union hall and tell the BA her manager threatened to fire her -- not only is this against the contract, this also retaliation against concerted activity which is a labor charge with the labor board. If she "gets fired" for it, it would result in a free paid vacation for her once it gets to the BA/labor manager. Where's your shop steward in all of this?

    Ultimately, she has to be the one willing to file the grievance for her seniority rights.
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    I understand the e-cigarettes stink as much as regular cigarettes. Call the UPS hotline and tell them you don't like this person smoking cigarettes in your work area. Make sure you explain she has also been smoking the supervisor's d*** and that's the reason she gets away with everything.

    I called the hotline last Dec. and the format seems to have changed. In the past it seems they were open to any complaint. Now they seem to filter out any complaints that aren't related to health and safety issues. Since UPS is focused on the 'appearance' of safety and health, it's best to use that tactic.
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    Local management never want you to file any grievances. They get their basses handed to them if they it upper management or labor. For your friend, the best thing to do is file another grievance. Then when the GM says something threatening file a harassment grievance. If it's still going on, call the 1800 #. It really works.

    On the flip side. Your BA,s (good ones) will even tell you, make sure your back yard is clean. Because if it's not, they will have the upper hand. Harassment or not.
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    My F$&*ing iPad!!
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    I told her today. She says she is just going to keep her mouth shut because she is afraid of losing her insurance, and because we have OT available and she doesn't think she would get that even if paid for time off on grievance.

    I saw the other coworker puffing at the hubcom tonight too. I told my fulltime and he said he would talk to her. He acted like he didn't know, BS. I want to file to write them both up. And that the sup has to bring the rest of us cookies. Not sure that would be enforceable. I'm sure she is just going to get more sneaky about it. Another coworker was there and said,"every little thing." What's the point of have rules then? What's the point of having managers and paying them (way more than they are worth) if they don't enforce the rules. I just get :censored2: about the selective enforcement of the rules.
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    If she's not willing to call the union hall and talk to her BA about the harassment going on and then pursue filing a grievance against the same manager, then that's just tough :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:ing titty. It's not right, but members have to be willing to stand up for themselves and enforce the contract.

    I don't care if someone's handing out free tugjobs in the break room to jump ahead of the seniority line for double shifts/OT, if I get bumped by a junior guy for more hours and the manager is unwilling to fix it, I'll jam him up with so much paperwork he'll be spitting staples for a week.
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    Amen!! There are people not getting paid overtime (just straight time) that just grab their ankles and say give it to me one more time, people watching sup's working and are too lazy to fill out a grievance. I ask them if they'd like to withdraw from the union and give me their union dues since they're such spineless bastards and don't file so if they're going to give money away in dues and let money burn by not filing they're morons.

    Personally, my issue is the oxymoron of UPS safety. Only when Keter is in the house does it matter to the sup's. I'm in the process of jamming up our center manager with so many safety grievances he'll set off the metal detector leaving the hub with all the staples in his ass. I just need to figure out how many grievances for the same unrepaired items make it appropriate to file with OSHA.
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    You, her or both are going to have to grow a pair and stand up if you feel you are being treated unfairly. We can tell you what to do on here everyday but until you take the steps to do it nothing will get resolved. You have had some great advise given to you by some great people. Stop being scared you or her will lose your job by protecting your rights as a union employee.
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    So wait a second. You would have this ecig VAPER go outside and be around harmful secondhand smoke? That is pretty stupid. You have a valid complaint about favoritism and seniority violations but please dont bring ecigs into this. Obviously she is trying to quit smoking and being that exhaled vapor is non-toxic with a 99.9999% water composition, there is really no reason to be afraid of it. The stigma and fear of second hand smoke is well documented but please understand ecigs are not smoke producing devices. As for a smell, if there is one it is pleasant or non-detectable. Our building tried to tell all the ecig smokers we had to go outside to. We all laughed and started debating the merits of a lawsuit since we would be forced to be around the harmful smoke of real cigarettes when we were all trying to quit and get healthy. Management backed off and now workers and management puff our ecigs together inside. Please go check out facts before getting scared and trying to harm the good we ex-smokers are trying to do for ourselves.
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    I really don't believe people sucking on E cigs are trying to quit smoking. Just feeding their nicotine addiction.
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    If you can suck on your e-cigs I want to bring in my medical marijuana card, vaporizer and a bag of skunk to get my fix too. At least my drug provides a medical benefit. If you can swig on your caffeine-laden dunkin donuts coffee inside the building why can't I get my high?
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    Quid pro quo!

    Bring in some cookies or other goodies and you should expect something back in return.

    I remember bringing cigars to my management and it helped out in a couple instances.
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    Ahem....cigar that what you're calling it these days? Whatever helps you sleep at
  16. bleedinbrown58

    bleedinbrown58 ahhh....the mouth breathers

    Of course, they are still addicted....but they are a better carcinogens or tar. I have a few issues with them....but I did go 3 days without a cigarette once by using ecigs lol.
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    That's what I call them Monica!
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    I used the patch and nicotine suckers for the really bad times. I also know I can not have just one for old times sake. Been about 7 years now.
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    Cigarette smoker or ecig "user" - you're still a nicotine addict. Go outside in the heat, rain, or snow and enjoy paying all those taxes - getting to the point where a cigarette will cost you as much as a joint.

    IMO, the only reason pot isn't legal is because the government couldn't tax it if we grew it in our back yard and since it's a weed we could.
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    when you are vaping 0% e-liquid then you are no longer a nicotine addict. You are just vaping flavored liquid at that point. There are quite.a few ex-smokers at my hub who weaned ourselves down to the 0% and still enjoy vaping. As for smoking your weed at work it would still cause impairment so the two are not really comparable.