How to retrieve a package from overgoods

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    I feel about 95% confident that I have a package in JAX overgoods. The reason I am so confident is that tracking shows a "logical" scan to TIfton but I personally went to Tifton and saw the overgoods log, and they hadn't had anything since 10-1 (package sent 10-26). The other reason is that these are 70lb steel panels that are only good for the guy I was shipping them to (so theft isn't a real consideration). 70 lb steel panels do not up and disappear, not do I think package sorters could destroy them.

    My question is how does Joe Consumer go about retrieving their lost goods from the overgoods warehouse before their auctioned? Yes, I've called CS, CS investigated, CS determined that the package was lost, CS issued a claim, I don't want their $100 I want my package. I actually did have a SUP call from the hub and said she would personally look for it. Is this just an empty promise?
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    Why would they tell you they didn't have when really they did? It's gone, dood. Take the $100.
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    try faxing your info to Kizzy at 770-798-8139 --- this is the Corporate Overgoods Department