How UPS Deliveries REALLY work

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  1. sherman22

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    HAHAHA!!! I had a lady chew me out because I didn't wait at her door "long" enough. I s/c the package at the door and filled out a d/n. She got in her car and chases me down the street at my 3rd stop after her house. It was a light day and I had to kill time before getting my letterbox.
  2. gman042

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    What's funny is when they step over the package to chase you down the street. And then they asked you if you needed them to sign for it. Sheesh.
  3. HomeDelivery

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    heh, i only thought that it happens w/ Fedex Home Delivery only... we're required to slap those little post it notes stating where at the home is your package.

    I'll slap them on the inner part of the storm door, window glass by the doorbell, or right on the side of the mailbox & i usually mark the location as well

    i dunno about ground, but @ HD, we are required by management to leave these things at EVERY DR stop (except for the signature required ones)
  4. dilligaf

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    I had one the other day that caused me to shake my head in wonder. I'll set it up a little - the front door is recessed (about 5 ft) with a covered drive-thru carport. At the outside corner of the recessed door, in the carport is a table. I DR'd several pkgs about halfway in the recessed area and rang the door bell. I was almost back to the truck when the customer asked if the pkgs were on the table. :slap:She all but tripped over them when she came out the door.
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    I just scan those little sticky note and toss it........hahaha