How will your terminal vote

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  1. mossbackman

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    If you have an idea of how will your terminal will vote please post it here sow can keep a running count of how the vote looks nationwide. If the vote doesn't look clear then put undecided. If you know how another terminal will vote post that too. Please put the three digit number and Letters if you can. I'm going to put out feelers with our sleeper teams and see what they know.

    LAX 450-NO Home Terminal

    LOS 105-NO FON 149-NO OCY-? RIA 439-?
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  2. Varela1 ups freight

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    All the inbound and some p&d 90% of line hall and all out bound so I think lax is a NO
  3. jdog

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    wfd is like 90%
  4. jdog

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    I herd pvd is leaning towards a yes........ We need to get someone up there and explain the bs
  5. UpstateNYUPSer

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    My terminal will vote by mail.
  6. Shooter

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    Lex and LVL Kentucky both no
    ​Have atl is a no also
  7. FutureFeederDriver

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    HRS129 should be voting NO