How's the crash rate in your center

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    In recent months the crash rate in our center has skyrocketed, with most of them coming on Mondays & Fridays when routes are being broken. Our center manager claims it's because none of us care about anything but our wages and benefits (actual statement) but I'm thinking the pace and long hours are beginning to take its toll. At what point does someone in Atlanta realize that having additional drivers on the road costs less than the cost charged to center for crashes. At 45G for a Tier3 crash it doesn't take long to pay for the extra driver to be cost effective.
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    Our PCM Friday was about this very topic. $1.8M in our district. I didn't dare ask about the obvious correlation between the production push and the surge in accidents. From what I read on the FedEx Forum they are having the same issues over there.
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    Like the other night, i was out until 800PM in the pitch black dark (farm roads no streetlights) on a route i didn't know (done it maybe twice). I sent my ETA in later that day as 930PM and they refuse to send help. Instead of trying to hurry at this point i go into slow-mode. Now what takes me 2 mins takes me 4 mins. That long drive that i could drive down and turn around in the daylight i might walk because now there might be cars blocking my turn around. I work smart and i work safe. See you at 10:00pm ! lol
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    We had the Liberty Mutual people interviewing us without our management team present so we could talk freely about it and most said the production push was a big factor. Our center manager and management safety people insist fatigue and being rushed is not a factor, believe our crash rate is proving otherwise. I'm sure the EOS we just did will show the majority of us feel we're being pushed to hard, and our center manager threats and intimidation along with his negative attitude towards all of us is hurting our center. We gone from one of the best to the worst in district since our center manager arrived and the production push has escalated. Good thing we have all those people in management with nothing better to do than follow us around and armchair quarterback the way we do our job each day. It doesn't seem to be working very well.
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    In my center the crash rate isn't the issue, it is all about injuries. Five drivers out now on comp and some have been out for months, yet the center will continue to cut routes daily and load us up way beyond anything that any rational person would consider reasonable. You work your center 10 or 11 hours EVERY day, injuries and accidents are bound to happen.
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    Why not???
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    I'm my center we have the best accident numbers in the district. Damm good drivers we've got.
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    Your center manager must love you guys.
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    There is no love at ups it's a publicly traded company.
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    We are down 30% in crashes from the previous year. A major contributing factor is the new division manager who has changed what is actually considered a crash from his predecessor.
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    There is no point in talking about it.

    UPS knows that the longer hours lead to more accidents and injurys. They just dont care it is so much easier to blame the drivers for the problem.

    But more and more studies have shown driving tried is as bad as drunk driving, throw in the fact we are driving a big brown package car and you get more accidents. The simple fact is they dont care until we have an accident.

    Oh yeah and make sure that SPORH is high, dont run or drive fast, but if it gets .1 down you might get a warning letter.

    This is what happens when people who dont know how a job works run the company all the idiots in Atlanta should be forced to drive for 1 solid year.
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    Because mr knowitall can only question people on a computer. No balls....but I could have told you that.
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    ...or could it be that stating the obvious would have been pointless? My center manager has no control over the number of cars and stops on those cars that he can put on the road. He also knows that there is a correlation between the production push and the increase in the number of accidents. I respect my center manager so asking the question that everyone already knows the answer would have disrespectful IMO.
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    At my center we call it hiding the real accidents and numbers. My center has had a spike in auto/comp since spring, everybody wants a day-off since they post layoff lists in July! Everybody hits 9.5 except the favorites, so working 4-10hour days is plenty-ergo day off, cuz the daily visits to the office after a 3day ride only servers to stress you out, so lo and behold lotta guys injured-lotta guys wrecked.
    Mt division mgr told us that the way you avoid auto accidents and injuries is "dont lose your composure" When mgmnt makes move you dont like or whatever he said, "dont lose your composure"
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    By the grace of god ,in our center we haven't experienced the increase in accidents or injuries....yet. We all know it's just a matter of time. Scary part is,it's the public that's at risk. We all think of it as causing problems with our employment and management sees it as lost revenue,but not once have I heard them express concern for the loss of life. Ask Dominoes why they don't have the 30 minute guarantee anymore--- you got it,too many accidents-some that included fatalities. But don't worry,if and when that happens in this company they will just fire the driver,citing him or her for being unsafe and if necessary hiring a massive PR firm to cover up the real reason it's happening should the public get wind of it.
    Me personally,I get 20-25 more stops per day,went from 30 mins a day OT to 90 mins or more and have made a conscious effort to drive safer,slower and more aware of my surroundings. I don't care about SPOHR or warning letters. My only concern is my safety and the safety of others. I had my share of accidents and I'm not about to have one more due to being over worked and pressured. Only numbers that concern me are the ones I see on Thursday morning.
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    Pardon my skepticism, I am not trying to be a smart ass. How do you consider 42 hours a week as a production push? In my neck of the woods that would almost feel like a vacation. Given the parameters of an almost 9 to 5 job, I could check and double check the 10 point commentary and the 5 seeing habits all day! Guess am still just jealous of your reasonable workloads. Send your management team a little West!
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    Guess we see it differently. I've spoken up when necessary. And IMO, it's disrespectful to treat people like garbage and hold them accountable for expectations that can't be achieved.
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    My center manager does not fit your description. He treats us like adults, sets reasonable expectations and calls us out when we fail to meet those expectations. There are times when the expectations are less than reasonable and he is upfront and honest about it; for example, we had a 90% trailer that nobody knew about on Thursday. We did not have the staffing to add extra areas so we all went out heavy and, for the most part, we all brought it in on time.
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