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    Does anyone know all of the hub comm commands? I'm a pt sup who has been gone on fmla and I'm back in operations but can't remember all the commands for hub comm.There are a lot of rookie supervisors and they only know the basics like pull and replace and updates. Full timer only knows the basics as well. Went to IE for the full list but they haven't been able to get back to me. TSG was no help. If anyone has the full list please post.thanks
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    On a UPS computer:
    Payroll Tools
    Hub Comm Commands (pdf)
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    21 tells you whats on door
    22 update load percentage
    23 PNR
    25 pull only
    26 Spot
    27 Flow across belt
    28 5-30 minute call

    35 5 minute primary call
    37 Trailers down
    38 Edit percentage

    42 Realignment needed
    45 open doors needed

    Those are all the Hubcom commands that I can think of