Hybrid vs Cover Drivers

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    Im a bit new but I'm not really seeing how this is affecting RPCDs. I feel like reading the 22.4 is mostly to handle the cover driver problem. My hub has so many cover drivers who start at $30 and they get 50 hrs+. Those are suppose to be part time drivers. That's who I believe the company is trying to get under control not the full time PCD. Cover drivers dont even go through progression. There are people who have been part time for years cause they get full time hours. They are supposed to work in hub if they dont drive but they always drive.
    My opinion is hybrids are to replace the cover driver issue.
  2. That's a nice thought.

    I haven't seen any proposed language that gets rid of part time cover drivers. Have you?
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    What it's doing is affecting the future FT Driver. At this point, we have not seen the language in the contract so that we'll have to wait and see about. But essentially, UPS is getting packages delivered at a lower pay rate. Now, if there is a cap as to how many hours they can drive like 4 hours so that it is truly a "hybrid" position, or that if they work more than half their shift delivering they get top rate their entire shift, then it is worth looking at. But they are going to be delivering on weekends, which not many people I know want to do. And the way the company likes to twist the contract to their advantage, I can see these drivers being used an hour before start time to clean up the boxlines and then drive all day. Again, at a lower wage. Going to have to see the contract first but that is the rabbit hole we're looking down.
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    You are correct in that ups will only use hybrid drivers to replace a higher wage driver. Anyone who thinks this will add routes is just lying to themselves
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    Again do the math.....a lower waged package car driver....with no 9.5 protection. Scheduled ANY consecutive five days. The company calls this Combination Driver "my bitch"!
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    My center won’t use them for years. About 10 drivers off everyday on top of vaca, sick, opt.
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    New hybrid driver are still better off then 15 plus year full time union air cargo drivers. That work Saturday and Sunday on straight time .