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  1. N

    New hire question about hours.

    Hi everyone, I’m seeking some guidance and hopefully reassurance that I haven’t been duped. I’m about a month into my career with UPS. I’m coming from USPS and before that, FedEx. I was hired as a full time, permanent driver, based on my experience in the delivery service. My concern is this...
  2. Bob Saget

    DQ’d On Day 24

    Hey all, Got DQ’d. Running a consistent 30 minutes over, and was accused of stuffing packages that were nowhere to be found in my car. This was probably those most financially straining time due to not working for weeks at a time. I was offered a spot on preload or to be a driver helper on...
  3. D

    Full time driver benefits

    how long does it take to get benefits (i.e. insurance, paid holidays, paid time off) once you qualify as a driver and make full time seniority. I’m in the Chesapeake district, Philadelphia area.
  4. D

    From FT driving to ADA back to FT driving

    has anyone experienced being a FT driver then Getting hurt with an ADA accommodation taken out of FT Driving Package into a PT position then deciding to go back to FT driving? How did they accommodate you back to FT driving. Did you lose your seniority that you previously? Safe driving? Progression?
  5. D

    Benefits eligibility after different classifications

    i work in the Chesapeake district (Philadelphia area). When am I eligable for benefits? I was a casual package driver working about 50 hours a week November and december of 2018. I was let go in January 2019. Rehired on preload late February of 2019 working about 25 hours a week. On May 9th I...
  6. S

    new to this, new to here...

    I just transferred to 483 here in south Idaho. Things are a little different here. I'm aware that my center seniority goes to bottom, but I cant get over the part where I keep being told my "company seniority" starts over again for purposes of bumping part timers. I was told this is covered...
  7. J

    First Year As A Seasonal Driver Trying To Land A FT Job

    Hello my fellow UPSERS, As stated in the topic this is my first peak season I have ever worked here at UPS as a seasonal driver. I knew coming in that it would only be a part time job for peak season and that I would have to bust my rear end to land a ft job here at UPS. Through all the ups and...
  8. P

    Hybrid vs Cover Drivers

    Im a bit new but I'm not really seeing how this is affecting RPCDs. I feel like reading the 22.4 is mostly to handle the cover driver problem. My hub has so many cover drivers who start at $30 and they get 50 hrs+. Those are suppose to be part time drivers. That's who I believe the company is...
  9. Heffalump

    Full time pay increase next contract?

    Trying to stay ahead of the curb here but with part-timers getting there percieved "piece of the pie" ( potential raises and RETRO PAY! ) with this 22.4 crap what are the odds full time drivers seeing top rate at $50/hr in the next next contract? I feel like with a rate like that only the best...
  10. A

    Full time lay off options

    I’m a full time package driver but the lowest in seniority and work has slowed down so there are no routes for me.. I’ve been working both preload and sort to get my 8.. we have 2 part time air routes every day and I’m being told I can’t take either one because it’s strictly for air drivers...
  11. ArmyVet88

    Army vet needs advice

    So I served 10 years in the military and decided I didnt want to subject myself and family to 10 more. I started working at UPS as a seasonal personal vehicle driver and got hired as pre load/utility after peak. They are offering me a PT supervisor position with the promice of getting hired on...
  12. El Correcto

    College and Full time driving?

    Is it possible and does Ups offer any leave time/school compensation?
  13. K

    IS 48 too old to start @ UPS?

    I'm healthy, active, and would want to work until 67. I'm in the interview process now, and keeping an eye on the strike. Any comments?
  14. B


    (Part-Time Dock Worker) Hello everyone, new here and also first post. I recently got hired at ups (first day was Monday got there to realize they scheduled me by mistake and was actually closed) So, today makes my second night. -I want to make a career out of this. I would like any advice to...
  15. Brandon5658

    Preload to Small Sort/Load/Unload.

    Update time: My full time supervisor told me he'd let me have the opportunity to switch from Preload to Sort/Unload/Loading Trailers. Loading is a bit weird for me but I'll get used to it. Unload and sort are cake. Where can I go from here though? Pt sort supervisor? What are my options for...
  16. B

    Will UPS ever rework their non rehire policies?

    I know it's a topic that comes up a lot, but how many people are fired because of an :censored: of a full-time sup didn't like a guy and whacked him on their last day of probation (like in my case) or they got fired only to have success at places like Amazon or Fedex who are a lot stricter imo...
  17. S

    Saturday Ground Ceasing, Saturday Air Drivers Coming Back In Some Buildings

    I'm in a heavy metropolitan hub. Theres word here from multiple drivers from different hubs that their Saturday Ground operation is coming to an end. Not profitable and company is losing money. Also, those buildings and even buildings still with Saturday Ground are bringing back Saturday Air...
  18. Ya Dad

    Pay drop when moving from one FT position to another

    Can you find any language in the National Master that says if you made progression as a Bid Air Driver (part-time), move on to Combo Inside/Inside and get red-circled on your top air rate, then within 2 years go into Feeders, your pay drops down to starting Feeder rate? If so, guess that's on...
  19. H

    Chicago land area

    I'm new here and currently looking for a job at UPS in Chicago. Does anyone know which hubs/centers in the Chicago land area have a progression from PT handler to FT driver under a 2 yr wait? I want to be a driver but also know I have to get my foot in the door as a PT handler. I recently got...
  20. C

    Full Time Management folks.

    I've recently graduated college this month. I am a veteran and am almost 30yr old. I've been with the company for 4yrs, 3 of which I have been a Part-time Package Center Supervisor I also covered the local sort during peak season. I am an asset to my center and will be hard to replace because of...