1. C

    Transferring to Bakersfield hub, sillect ave.

    I’m tranferring as a full time package car driver to the bakersfield hub and was wondering what the average stop count and pieces are, thanks!
  2. 2

    PVD Driver

    I was hired as a PVD in May and went through the orientation in late May. After orientation they made the comment about getting us started as early as the next day. The job was described as a seasonal position that would be needed through August. Then I was never utilized as a driver. I...
  3. Almightyzvy

    Hired as 22.4 Driver off street

    hey guys new to brown.. hired off the street as 22.4 combo driver at the hub on 180 Canal Pl in the Bronx. Going for my road test on Saturday, any tips would be helpful. manager said once i pass road test ill do dot physical right after and then start by next week. im sure i can pass road test...
  4. cheryl

    The worst things about being a UPS driver

    The worst things about being a UPS driver - Grunge It didn't used to be United Parcel Service. UPS started out as the American Messenger Company, back in 1907, in Seattle, Washington. No brown uniforms or distinctive step vans. Deliveries were on foot or, for longer trips, bicycles. No word...
  5. S

    Help! I need advice!

    Hi! I know this place is probably mostly for males and actual UPS employees, but I need advice. My husband has worked for UPS for over a year now, but he just became a driver around August. Well, he hurt his ankle recently and the supervisors are always making comments about drivers needing to...

    Why EVERYONE is so mad at UPS on here

    I dont know why everyone is pissed...please help. I want to see everyone very happy and talk about how much they love it
  7. D

    Transferring contracts

    I'm thinking of transferring, I'm wondering if there is a place to go to compare contracts. Is that something my union office can do or the one I'm transferring to? Or do I actually need to read both contracts through and through?
  8. Radfory

    Just started

    Friends, I was just hired on as a package handler, in my second week on the belts and unload. They also hired me to drive through the end of the year. I go to intragrad school this next week. Once I complete, should I graduate, will I be driving full time or only on a needed basis? Also...
  9. D

    Full time driver benefits

    how long does it take to get benefits (i.e. insurance, paid holidays, paid time off) once you qualify as a driver and make full time seniority. I’m in the Chesapeake district, Philadelphia area.
  10. C

    A few questions as a new employee?

    Hi, I just got hired as a combination driver. I wanted to ask you REAL employees a few questions that I have. 1. I read that regular driver's top rate is significantly higher than combination driver(about 40 vs 35 per hour). How do I become a regular driver? Do they even hire anymore RPCD...
  11. S

    Help possible new hire?

    Hey everyone very new to this so bare with me. Long story short I was told on Friday to start ups school yesterday however I couldn’t bc my two weeks at my current job ended today. But yesterday I also happened to notice a week prior I recieved an email saying I was disqualified till next month...
  12. Z

    When do I get top driver salary?

    I’m currently first on seniority on my local sort shift as a package handler. But want to transfer to become driver next summer. If I become driver will I then make driver top salary or will I still be at my package handler top salary?
  13. L

    Full Time Driver Disqualification

    sup guys, I got the chance to go full time. Never did any air or temp so it was all new. I was under everyday my supervisor was in the truck and also 8 days on my own. I was told on my 28th day that I was DQ bc I worked through my lunch two times. I was told I wasn’t going to get a chance to get...
  14. MarvelousMunata

    What do the drivers like??

    Do the drivers care how the preloader sets up their truck?? What are some preferences? Supervisors keep telling us to just get everything in, doesnt matter how. But I dont wana set my drivers' day up to be *ty. Today I was complimented by one of my drivers for how I load his truck, he said...
  15. K

    Newbie...advancement to driver/management?

    Hey all, I'm currently thinking about applying as a part time package handler for the twilight shift. I've wanted to be a driver for a while now and am realizing that the most likely path to a driver is via part time. Is there a way to know how long the list is for drivers in my area...
  16. PTPunchingBag

    Driver Seniority vs PT Seniority

    I have more seniority than like 5 drivers in my hub. I’ve heard many things such as if you go from PT to driver, you’re back to bottom guy, but I’ve also heard if you go from PT to Driver, you’ll have more seniority than drivers who started after you so you can bounce them off their routes or...
  17. J

    First Year As A Seasonal Driver Trying To Land A FT Job

    Hello my fellow UPSERS, As stated in the topic this is my first peak season I have ever worked here at UPS as a seasonal driver. I knew coming in that it would only be a part time job for peak season and that I would have to bust my rear end to land a ft job here at UPS. Through all the ups and...
  18. N

    Ups driving record

    hello I’ve been a package handler at ups for 1 year now. Been thinking about being a delivery driver. I have a clean driving record except for an accident that just happened that I was not at fault for. They say you can’t have an accident in the last 3 years. Does this count towards it?
  19. U

    Employee on Employee Harassment at UPS

    I (male UPS driver) work in a small UPS center, and I have been with the company for about 14 years. Around 2013 I made a poor choice and I had a mutual affair with a female co-worker (who was also married) which lasted for about 2 years. During this time my wife never knew about the affair, and...
  20. CowboyDuff

    New Starting Full Time Driver Pay??

    So my seniority date was back in March of 2018 for a full time driver. So I currently make $18.75 an hour. If this current negotiatied contract passes, what would my pay go up to? I keep on getting multiple answers. Also it would be back paid starting August 1st, correct? Thanks everyone!