1. Over70irregs

    Who put their UPS stub online? C’mon bro 🤦‍♀️…….

    Why bro? Looking for haterade..
  2. myreqoil

    22.4s Next Contract?

    I'm a 22.4 and i'm aware we're negotiating on removing this position on the next contract all together. Does anybody have an insight on what would happen to current 22.4s such as myself if my job classification were to be removed on the next contract? Transfer to RPCD? 22.3? Back to part time?
  3. cardboardallergy

    Do we have to work Saturday? My center is saying ALL DRIVERS do.

    My center is saying all drivers must work Saturday up to 3rd in seniority. Is this true?? I am supposed to be visiting family Saturday, also I have 7th in seniority at my center. Guess I’ll just shut up and go in if I have to but it really sucks. :robot:
  4. R

    Should I file a grievance for disqualification

    I’ve been a driver for about a month now. There was a Tropical storm last week. I pulled my truck a little closer to the house I was delivering to because of the wind & rain. When I finished my delivery I backed up & hit a mailbox. I reported the accident immediately to my Supervisor and the...
  5. M

    Advice for driver training and test

    I plan on applying for a seasonal driving position this coming peak. I have been with UPS on and off for about 8 months now (current college student working during breaks.) Is there anything I should know to become a driver or anything that can be a hinderance to getting into the position? I...
  6. ProudDaddy41

    Driver of 20 years, how do I get out of the union?

    I am a driver of 20 years, I’ve been in the union the entire time. How do I get out of the Union?
  7. I

    I’m a 22 year old 22.4 driver and I feel like quitting. Need advice

    Hello, I’m 22 years old and have been a 22.4 driver for close to a year now and looking for advice from fellow UPSers I started working at UPS when I was 18 and was a loader until I turned 21 and became a 22.4 driver. After the grueling 30 day probation and a couple months of driving I thought...
  8. myreqoil

    Forcing 22.4's to work Mondays?

    Im a 22.4 and work tues-sat, almost every monday our on road sups call a large selection of us asking us to come in on Monday's to work. So far they haven't told us we HAVE TO REPORT or send us a message on saturdays that we are scheduled to report for work on Monday...but i know in the past...
  9. T

    From Full Time to Cover Driver

    Is it possible to go from a full time driver to a cover driver?
  10. D


    Does anyone have any tips for how to stay cool in the upcoming hot season? Minus drinking a lot of water.
  11. J

    New Driver Hiring Process?

    I was given a contingent offer 04/21/2021 ... passed my background and passed my road test today they didn’t say when I would have a DOT physical or give me any more information or type of time line, does anyone have any input?
  12. J

    Package handler to driver

    Hey, I’ve been a package handler for a few years now and want to transfer to driver. I wanted to know the pros and cons. If you’ve been in the same situation as I am please let me know how that went. I know I’ll lose seniority but what are the other consequences? Thanks!
  13. D


  14. C

    Transferring to Bakersfield hub, sillect ave.

    I’m tranferring as a full time package car driver to the bakersfield hub and was wondering what the average stop count and pieces are, thanks!
  15. 2

    PVD Driver

    I was hired as a PVD in May and went through the orientation in late May. After orientation they made the comment about getting us started as early as the next day. The job was described as a seasonal position that would be needed through August. Then I was never utilized as a driver. I...
  16. Almightyzvy

    Hired as 22.4 Driver off street

    hey guys new to brown.. hired off the street as 22.4 combo driver at the hub on 180 Canal Pl in the Bronx. Going for my road test on Saturday, any tips would be helpful. manager said once i pass road test ill do dot physical right after and then start by next week. im sure i can pass road test...
  17. cheryl

    The worst things about being a UPS driver

    The worst things about being a UPS driver - Grunge It didn't used to be United Parcel Service. UPS started out as the American Messenger Company, back in 1907, in Seattle, Washington. No brown uniforms or distinctive step vans. Deliveries were on foot or, for longer trips, bicycles. No word...
  18. S

    Help! I need advice!

    Hi! I know this place is probably mostly for males and actual UPS employees, but I need advice. My husband has worked for UPS for over a year now, but he just became a driver around August. Well, he hurt his ankle recently and the supervisors are always making comments about drivers needing to...

    Why EVERYONE is so mad at UPS on here

    I dont know why everyone is pissed...please help. I want to see everyone very happy and talk about how much they love it
  20. D

    Transferring contracts

    I'm thinking of transferring, I'm wondering if there is a place to go to compare contracts. Is that something my union office can do or the one I'm transferring to? Or do I actually need to read both contracts through and through?