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    I guess I could have put this in any number of the other threads out there, like "This company is going downhill" , Management Quotes, or even the "Why we are losing customers thread. But this is what happening to me lately. Today for the second time in a week I was hauled in the office delivering an SSI account 3 minutes early. I gave the usual "What? That was such bad customer service that I need to get hauled in here?" Then I actually tried to reason with them on this. ( Ya I know it was dumb, there is no reasoning with them) ...saying the customer is extremely happy, it's my first stop, etc. etc. Their response....Just deliver it after 9 or pre-record it. I said no way was I gonna pre-record it because then that would be an integrity issue. So I asked, would this be an issue if I delivered ONLY the NDA pieces to this same SSI account 3 minutes before 9 am? And to my suprise, they said it would not come up in any report or be an issue. Well I guess instead of getting grounds off with the airs at other businesses like we are able to do and not get reamed for it, SSI accounts for some reason cannot be done this way. So from now on I will have to deliver their NDA pieces as soon as I get them, run my airs and go back to deliver their ground pieces before 10:30 am and hope I don't have a heavy air day, EVER, and be late delivering an SSI account. Now I can understand SSI accounts that have a window for deliveries like 11:00 am to 1:00 p.m. because of dock space, the times the receiver is present, etc, but can anyone tell me why an SSI account that has a 9-10:30 window can have their NDA pieces delivered at anytime before 10:30 but the ground, savers, 2 day pieces they have must only be done between 9 and 10:30? This is something that I hope that someone "up there" reads and hopefully can do something about, because it seems like there is a good amount of time being wasted 'talking to' a driver who is trying to do the most efficient job possible, and keeping the customer happy. maybe I should have placed this in the "This is why UPS is losing customers" thread!!!!!
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    Did you have to take a number?

    The "talking to" lines are at least 10 to 15 a day at our center. There's only 40 or so drivers. Now the center manager does a little Wizard of OZ thing with the PCM microphone. He sits in the office with it, when a person leaves he goes "Next" through the mic. Then the next round of BS begins.

    It's too bad keeping their numbers and reports looking good has nothing to do with helping customer satisfaction.
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    Why not deliver somone else 1st and then go to this customer within the target times and deliver everything toghther?
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    Mr outamyway,all we ask of you is that you have a brain,the heart and the nerve,to work as directed,otherwise you can go home.Now go away,the wizard has spoken..."NEXT"
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    Are you on PAS/EDD? If so, then it's EDDs' fault that you were there too early. Actually, I never heard of being at a delivery too early (short of knocking on someones door at 5 a.m.). And 3 minutes? Come on! Obviously this company has got its' head up something so far that there seems to be a shortage of oxygen to the brain.

    Live by the numbers...........die by the numbers!
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    I assume the wizard must report to the scarecrow.:wink2:
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    Tups, The only thing that I can suggest is that you talk to the customer and ask them if they can change their SSI times to 15 minutes earlier. If they agree to do that Let the center know and have them talk to the IE rep so that he can go in there and change it. I have done that with several of our accounts.

    Usually the customer doesn't mind if it is changed a little earlier. I know that we had some issues with trying to go a little later so we had to redo part of the drivers route so he was there during the times.

    The main problem with the SSI accounts is the BD person goes to the customers and says sure we can deliver between these times. Then they go to the center and say if we can deliver between these times we will get all of this new volume. The problem with that is that the volume never meets up to the expectations and then we are stuck with the SSI accounts as long as they are signed up with UPS.
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    I am sure the people above our level are aware of issues as stated in your post and others. We all (To include Sups) work as directed and they must go through the motions. Work to the best of your ability and just let it go. The pay is the same.....