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  1. I work at Memphis. Let's hear your complaints. I'll pass them on to Fred.
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    this will be a long thread
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    First things first , where do I start ? A sweet v dub bus might be smart. Can u pass that on to Freddie ? I live in a van and I wish I could afford to live by the river. Tell Freddie that the couriers with half a brain cell are leaving , as I am. He will be left with dog :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: couriers. I wanted to be nothing more than professional while earning a respectable wage while being treated well. That was to much to ask. Instead it's take a 2 hour break , oh the belt stopped for 3 seconds...Take a lunch. No! I don't care about your problems or lack of planning. I clock in and take my hour break, that's it. Even one hour sucks, why not 30 min you selfish pricks. So I decided to get smart and move on. About one year from now and it's see ya later. Oh and I am gonna do whatever it takes to get a union here while I am enjoying my stay.
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    need more cowbell
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    Thanks but no need...He is or at least his people are already posting here:wink2:
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    Tell Fred that hell is unionized.
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    He's negotiating a pre-Hell payoff to Satan so he can get the RLA down there too.
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    You'll need a CTV to carry all the paper.
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    Don't pass over on the yearly raises when all we see and hear about is all the new equipment FDX is buying.
    All I hear about is how many millions of dollars the execs. make on our backs.
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    See ya Fred ...Yesterday was my last day..14 yrs ..never topped out..Lucky enough to be over 55 cause things are just gonna get worse..I hope you enjoy paying people so little they can barely survive. especially if they're parttime..The only description I can give to your style of management is slimey..just really slimey..Good luck everyone.I'll keep lurking and if a union ever comes to express I will be out there supporting all of you..take care of yourselves and your families ...
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    Good luck and congratulations on getting out. Keep helping us get the word out on the way this place really operates. Your perspective is appreciated. Did you get your Costco sheetcake?
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    In regards to the half priced, day old sheet cake for someone leaving....

    One of the ops managers I correspond with mentioned that their budget for such things has been gradually slashed to the point where they don't even do it anymore. He was saying that the mindset now is, "Take care of the people that are left, those that are gone are no longer a concern".

    They use to pull out the cake and cookies for any significant retirement, and once a month to 'celebrate' all of the anniversaries of hiring dates (those that were hired in June would be mentioned with their year of hire), etc.

    He was saying that they aren't even doing that anymore. The budget for paying for such food has been slashed AND it appears that the senior over this manager doesn't want employees milling about while on the clock eating cake and cookies - everyone off the clock pronto. They can't even hold 'meetings' while people eat cake, since one of the items that has been slashed is Meeting Time in the time allowances for the stations. So managers are yelling crap out during the sorts or sending text messages galore - all due to the fact that they can't have everyone stop for a few minutes (code in a meeting) and actually talk about whatever issue they need to discuss.

    It leaves me wondering when they'll start installing urinals in the backs of the trucks with instructions on how to use it while processing air bills or responding to text messages.
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    He hates Unions. I bet the pilots and their union know this. Doesn't it seem a little too coincidental the timing and implementation of DRA and other things such as deadlines on astra labels or tools that don't require any/much knowledge of the English language and the immigration reform bill? Its as if someone had an inside man telling them, a few years ago, to prepare for a new wave of employees with very little English but a willingness to work for almost nothing.
    Maybe there's a huge secret facility somewhere in India with 4 or 5 flight simulators and 100 Indian Men wearing flight suits studying and logging hours in hopes to become the new flight crew for the company one day. $50,000 a year per pilot? they'd be kings in some parts of India with that kind of money. Besides we all know by now how Fly by wire had dumb down flight. Basically one only need know how to take off and land this new buses. The ducks are in a row, lets see what happens.
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    They actually told this to us in a meeting. People started laughing.
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    This is the one thing that will NEVER happen to the Express pilots (they're smart, the Couriers haven't caught on to the trick).

    Fred would love nothing more than to hire pilots out of the regional airlines and pay them $60,000 to fly his jets (they could pull it off). The reason it doesn't happen is the union and what is known as 'type certification'.

    Fedex is one of the last utilizers of the MD10/11 aircraft (they share a common type certification for pilots). You cannot just grab a pilot that is trained in a CRJ or 757 and have them operate a MD10 without being type certified first. This take a bit of time and a bit of money. Fred is going to a fleet of 777, 767, 757 which are in common service with other airlines - the pilots are aware of the implications of that...

    Next, if Express did try to pull something like this off (or even hinted at it), the pilots would shut down Express in a heartbeat. They make roughly $150,000 a year to start and top out for a wide body captain at roughly $230,000 a year - all due to being unionized and not being easily replaceable by Fred. They put in about 20 flight hours a week (what they get paid for), and put in another 10-15 hours a week in pre/post flight administration and recurrent training. They basically get paid when the red beacon light is operating on the aircraft and stop getting paid when it goes out. They also get per diem and other allowances which brings up their effective compensation to the levels mentioned above.

    Along with UPS and Southwest, FedEx pilots are the highest paid US commercial pilots. The guy or gal sitting in the right hand seat of a regional jet that just got hired is making about $20,000 a year... The regional pilots put up with the low pay in the hopes of one day making it into the big leagues and being able to make a living (becoming more and more of a pipe dream for them).

    As it stands right now with the Couriers not being organized, Fred can replace them as quick as they quit. If they were organized and decided to strike, he couldn't replace them fast enough and getting Ground drivers to come over to move Express freight to break a strike would create headaches in terms of getting them through the screening process and then having the Ground contractors replace them (then the nasty issue of what to do with the strike breakers after they presumably break the strike - are they sent back down to the minor leagues or are they offered permanent positions...).

    Until and unless the Couriers of Express learn to play hardball with Fred, they'll be treated like that regional pilot flying in the right hand seat.
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    Good for you! And congratulations as well.

    And your description of Smith is spot on.
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    You really know your aviation stuff. Are you a pilot yourself, or an aviation buff?
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    Congrats 55+.....good on ya!
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    Groundisahugescam,Your no SM.Come up with something origanal.Every SM I know drinks the purple kool aid,and besides that Smith spends his time in DC throwing millions at lobbyists.and besides that SM are way down there on the speak to as to whats going on at express.For that you get a Come on Man!
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    Exactly! It amazes how much "power" the ((((( handlers, couriers and rtd's ))))) have ... but they are scared to use it. Hell just a few call-ins damn near closes down our station. Imagine if there was a "purple sick day", when the max amount of people are off.
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