I got rejected from tution Reimbursement :(

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by samunee, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. samunee

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    Hey I have question about tuition reimbursement because I got rejected when I applied on this semester. It was my first time trying this so I might have some trouble on it so please give me some advice.

    So the reason why I got rejected it says "All courses must earn college credits to be eligible for program administrition".
    I don't know why i got that message because the courses that I took were MACROECONOMICS, AMERICAN GOVERNMENT II, U.S HistoryII, and Trigonometry. and for the mode of delivery I choose CEU, which I wasn't sure which one to choose among the list.
    and very bottom of application there were 4 tax questions and I chose all "NO" for the questions. does this could be the problem?
    Also I didn't talk to my supervisor before I apply the application does that matter?
    Please give me advice so I can get reimbursement on the next time. I appreciate
  2. brownrodster

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    Trigonometry is a high school course. Credits from a trig class are likely not college level and considered remedial.

    They won't reimburse high school level courses taken at a college.
  3. Kraetos

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    Shouldn't he get reimbursed for his other classes though?
  4. Buffaloaf

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    Don't choose CEU as credit type. Can't think of which it is off hand but it should be pretty obvious like "Regular Credit" or "Course Credit" or something. Also, answer yes to some of the tax questions. Having a degree qualifies you for improving your position in your current job and also makes you eligible for a new job. Maybe not as much as you think, but "technically" it does..take advantage of the technicality.
  5. brownrodster

    brownrodster New Member

    I'd wager that the history and government classes are also high school level.
  6. some1else

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    a CEU is for continuing education unit or something like that. i graduated a while ago but i believe ups req. that all courses are degree required. If i were you i would go to the registrar and get them to type you a letter (on their letterhead) saying "these courses (list) are part of the required coursework that YOUR NAME needs to satisfy the DEGREE NAME program requirements."

    just be respectful and follow their rules. the way i looked at it even if i had to fight them for 5hours to get it thats still comes out to 300$ per hr :)
  7. samunee

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    the other options for mode of deliverys were BLANK, CEU, CREDIT TRADITIONAL, DISTANCE LEARNING, and ON-LINE COURSE. which one would be most appropriated one to choose, I commute to school.
  8. some1else

    some1else Active Member

    credit traditional; i would get and fax a letter like the one i mentioned above
  9. tiegirl

    tiegirl tiegirl

    You may still be eligible to re submit your application for approval for the classes you are taking or have taken. There is a time limit and I do not know where you are on that time frame. But you do have to answer the question the way UPS wants them answered. Which it is not hard to do because taking any college classes will help you to get new job. Really does not matter what you are taking as all courses of study for a degree require electives and electives can be any class. Without looking at the EDCOR application I cannot tell you how to answer the questions however if you want to contact me at boilingspringschic@yahoo.com I can go online to EDCOR and tell you the answer to the questions they ask. I hope that was helpful. I have helped many in my office as I think I was the first one to apply for the financial aid. I have now finished my degree.

  10. BrownSuit

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    Not so fast, Just because it sounds like the class you had in high school doesn't mean that it's the same thing. You would need to check the school catalog and course description.

    As others pointed out, it needs to be towards a degree program. CEU won't fly. It's a Continuing Education Unit. There are some employers that reward employees for these, but if I'm not mistaken, for the most they are used for Education Professions.
  11. some1else

    some1else Active Member

    ceu at my university was how any classes where codded that werent going towards your degree. i.e you are an english major and want to take a rock climbing class.