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    I hate to say it but I think my new route could actually benefit from Orion. Man I just threw up in my mouth a little typing that.

    I'll explain. I've been on the route for 2 months and I still don't have the res completely down because it changes all the damn time and being a city run there are way more buildings and streets. It isn't a WAD route but I've never run a bid route like this that shifts around to different neighborhoods everyday.

    The EDD trace kind of sucks because of all the 1-ways and with the res often looking like a frankenroute it never flows with all the add cuts.

    I asked about why my res is so different as most bid routes that aren't WAD usually have a core area then a handful of add/cuts that are usually the same. They said it's because of the different plans they copy and paste. One day will be a 42 car plan then the next a 52 car plan. How they can cut 10 routes in a center is beyond me.

    They said that because I'm sandwiched between two routes that are adjacent to WAD routes whenever they get pulled away half my res goes to someone else and I get most of the stuff from those other routes. My business never gets cut though so between the business and the little bit of res that doesn't get cut my route stays over 50% my area so I can't do anything about it.

    That being said I've never had trouble figuring out a flawless way to run a route but when it changes so much it's near impossible to figure out the best flow. I've never taken more than a week to learn a route since my first training route. I have to look at a map probably once a day after 2 months and still don't have number breaks down.

    Maybe Orion would help in this situation but as I type this I'm remembering how much orion sucked with crappy edd traces so probably not. Also I'm bound to eventually learn the adjacent routes that get cut to me so maybe Orion isn't the answer and this post was a waste.

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    I will say Orion helps with residential you dont know, and probably with business you dont know. Its a good "tool", my residential I have had that I didnt know is actually very good trace. The problem comes with the commits, etc. I say great for you if it works. I have always said it could, if corrected in some areas, but they dont do that part.