I have a Felon for a boss

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    Someone over heard the P/T supervisor saying she did some time. Another person and I have accounts to do background checks online. (It's only $20.00 a year) We ran the P/T Sups. She did 1 year in Huntsville and 9 mos probabtion. She has several items on her rap sheet. Larceny, hot checks, shoplifting, domestic violance, and then the big one that landed her in the BIG House possesion of heroine.
    Now my big question of the day. Is UPS so hard up for help they are hiring Felons to supervise us now? What is going on with the background checks they are suppose to run on us. This is the second person I know for certain that has a record. The other person is back in prison for the second offense. He broke into the Ag barn and tortured and mutalated the little animals.
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    When you're only paying $8.50 an hour you'll take what you can get.

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    Before Earn and Learn in my building it seemed like they took a bus to County on Fridays and see who was getting released. Coax 'em onto the bus back to UPS. Earn and Learn really helped. That's about all that's keeping newbie's with the company. $8.50, what a joke. Can't wait 'till some states have to tell UPS.(2009) "Hey, sorry to bother your $75Billion dollar company but your wage scale is below our minimum standards" "You'll have to increase that now". lol. Another shame in the public eye.
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    It's not like this person is being put in charge of national security. We're a package delivery company.

    I don't think that someone should be barred for life from working, or consigned for the rest of their lives to only being employed at menial jobs because they broke the law and went to jail. It is possible to learn from your mistakes and and go on to be a good citizen after having been incarcerated.

    You should be proud to work for a company that's willing to give someone a second chance :wink2:.
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    Part Time supes dont make $8.50 an hour
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    Just out of curiosity, how did you get the p/t sups social security number and date of birth to run a background check?
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    Probably from the greenbar (CRS) reports that can be found just about anywhere, including the trash.
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    Channahon makes an excellent point. I used to cringe when they would put the union dues list on the driver's counter with everyone's SSN's on display for anyone to write down and potentially use as they would like; in fact, we had a part-time sup who actually used several SSN's to open up credit card accounts. I was so glad to see UPS go to Employee ID numbers, although it took longer than I thought it should for this information to make it to our DIADs (employee information page).

    Just curious--how does your use of her personal information not constitute "identity theft"?
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    We get some of our best material from the trash cans here!
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    This roving reporter has this to say on the subject. I worked in DI/LP for a while. If a candidate had been convicted of murder the law was the he/she was a hirable individual. If convicted of theft, NOT a hirable candidate. It all has to with US Constitution and a criminal's constitutional rights. Crooks have the same rights as honest people in some cases, That leads us to doing background checks on management. If they are already hired, a random background check, is prejudicial. UPS has to check ALL managers to be fair. As well they should, since crooks for sure have fallen through the cracks years ago. Of course, if you have the money to do the background checks yourself, and you find a crook, send the information, return receipt requested (NOT UPS) to your congressperson and to the foreign CIO of UPS. Crooks should be denied employment at UPS.

    And that's the way it is, January 17, 2008.
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    good question.

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    I agree that this person deserves a second chance if the people hiring her believe so. Its not like she was convicted of a violent crime or sexual assault.

    Perhaps she cleaned herself up.
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    Don't be silly, that's only for the hourly side of UPS. UPS can't have its workers stealing from the customer! Crooks on the management side however is entirely different because UPS stealing from its employees seems to be encouraged.
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    Does the paranoia of the people around you strike that deep?
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    Heck I've never been in trouble with the law, but I'm treated like a thief everyday and I still have my job
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    Looks like she had more than a second chance. I find it hard to believe UPS would hire someone with a rap sheet like that IF what is being posted about her is even true.
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    I was under the assumption that UPS did not hire felons, OR do they fire those who lie about not having a felon record when filling out an application, which is it?? Once again, I find it extremely hard to believe UPS hired someone with a history like that.
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    "Larceny, hot checks, shoplifting, domestic violance, and then the big one that landed her in the BIG House possesion of heroine".
    As long as she keeps it at that she'll be good to go for Big Brown. lol.
    Sounds like JP'S rap sheet.
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    A good reporter never reveals his sources. lol.
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