I have been driving a rental



And i really like it, the cab is comfortable great seat, air conditioner, (not that i really need it) good radio, the cab is quiet. power steering.. It goes fast. The only thing i don't like are the customers asking me what happen to the brown truck, and having to get out and run around back and look for the pkg.
Ups really needs to make a better effort in providing us with a more comfortable del truck ...my god we are in it 10 hours a day..


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I have seen several budget rent-a-trucks in our hub lately. I assume its to have enough trucks to keep up with peak volume. I just thought it would be a pain to have to walk around back and open it up at every stop.


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so has my son. Last week he had the same route with a P5. Today in one gated community he had 147 stops. Last week he had 90-100 in the same community. Took twice as long to get them off today. He says it is exhausting with a rental. He filled the truck twice with bulk stops. Those are easy just back up to the dock.


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When I was covering driving I ran many splits in a rental truck .The only thing nice about was power sterring auotmatic trans. and a radio.
It was a Ryder rental truck.The time was close to the bombing in Oklahoma, people would ask if I had a bomb in there.
I was pulled over once in a high dollor neighbor hood about 830 at night to see if i was up to no good,robbing houses.
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