I have to quit UPS ASAP

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Please tell me if there is any penalty

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  1. Just do it

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  2. There is no penalty

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  1. Indecisi0n

    Indecisi0n Well-Known Member

    I been hushed
  2. thumper650

    thumper650 New Member

    I've thought about this, since I've just been hired as a seasonal feeder driver. I start training next week. After seeing how last minute UPS runs, would not hesitate to take a good job offer.
    They wouldn't think twice about dumping you, or me. That's just the point we're at right now.
  3. Zowert

    Zowert Active Member

    There’s a dude at some cyber security firm I deliver to that’s beeen asking me for HR’s phone number. Says he is bored sitting in an office all day and would love to be a UPS driver. I walked in there one rainy day for an on demand p/u, I was soaking wet and this guy says something about how he’d kill to be out working in the rain... Dude is way out of touch.
  4. DonaruTarampu

    DonaruTarampu Member

    As long as it's not Freebird I don't mind singing
  5. rod

    rod #1 on Upstates "list"

  6. Danny Calle

    Danny Calle New Member

    Thank you for the helping people and for the other ones .... whatever have some respect and education
  7. Nike

    Nike Active Member

    Bro I hear yah, but it's all psychological.
    I worked in an office too years ago and felt the same way when I saw my UPS driver. Being inside all day dealing with office politics as a man takes a toll on your mind. Being on your own outside all day, and more or less being your own boss could be appealing to a lot of men on the other side.
  8. rod

    rod #1 on Upstates "list"

    It used to be that way but now the drivers may as well wear shock collars.
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  9. clean hairy

    clean hairy Well-Known Member

    Why did you have to give management that idea?
    They will have it in effect within the next 30 days!
  10. Staydryitsraining

    Staydryitsraining Well-Known Member

    Why did you write this?
  11. quad decade guy

    quad decade guy Active Member

    Ups Airline is one of the biggest in the world and pilots make mucho denero. Can you imagine if this very situation came into play somewhere down the road....I can guarantee whatever pilot job he takes,
    won't pay didly compared to UPS Airline.

    And just quit. You really think after a couple no call/no show's....you won't be fired? Or that anyone even cares now?
  12. Dr.Brownz

    Dr.Brownz Well-Known Member

    Ask UPS if they can payout (in the next few months) what you will make as a pilot over the rest of your life. When they balk tell them see ya later!
  13. Dr.Brownz

    Dr.Brownz Well-Known Member

    Better keep them vocal chords lubricated if you have to sing for that long!
  14. Wally

    Wally BrownCafe Innovator & King of Puns

    If the volume dried up, would the company keep you on just to be nice?

    There's the door, run!
  15. watdaflock?

    watdaflock? Well-Known Member

    Make it worth your time, steal a high value package or get in an accident.
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  16. clean hairy

    clean hairy Well-Known Member

    Are you going to sing "nah nah nah, nah nah nah, hey hey! Goodbye?"