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  1. D

    I have to quit UPS ASAP

    Well I’m like about 2 weeks driving , I’m a casual driver ( just for the season ) I need to leave UPS because I got a job opportunity in my career ( pilot ) I have to move to Arizona in the next 7 days ,I need to leave UPS , but I’m not sure if there is any charges if I leave UPS, or any penalty...
  2. S

    22.4 Drivers started today apparently

    So today at PCM our Center Manager said he had a surprise for us. About 30 seconds later about 15 guys dressed in browns walked into where we were standing at PCM and our center manager said these new guys are the new 22.4 drivers and they will be treated with the utmost respect and if anything other than...
  3. W

    Sent home....I was 3 min late

    Curious on the rules. I’m in Chesapeake district of DC. I clocked in 2 min late. While I was walking to the package car to load it, I was told I wasn’t needed and was being sent home. (Which is fine as I was late and was okay with being sent home) I later found out that people who haven’t...
  4. watdaflock?

    The Official Driver Bashing Thread

    Thanks for leaving the piss bottle on the 4000 shelf.
  5. P


    My friend who also works at UPS told his supervisor/ building manager "He wasnt :censored2:!" and he sent him home. What's going to happen next.
  6. D

    "Late Line"

    A coworker recently told me about a late line, a number to call if youre going to be late. My manager seems to appreciate, but be annoyed by, when I call in to tell him im gonna be 10-30 minutes late. He's a busy guy, runs our whole wall, Id rather not bother him. I was just wondering if this...
  7. T

    Is PPH lower on bulk trucks? Also an issue with driver and PT SUP

    Hey, I'm a pre-loader and I've been lurking this forum for about a month or so. I'm coming up for whether or not I get seniority next week. My supervisor says my biggest problem is that I have not really shown much progress regarding my PPH. It hovers somewhere from 120 to 170 (my highest)...
  8. K

    can they take ft bid away

    can they take my ft driver bid away for what reasons? ive been delayed going to integrad and am wondering if i call in a few times a week until its time to integrad they'll take the bid away or write me up, leading to them taking it away.
  9. posk96

    driver starting wage

    I was a seasonal driver this past peak season in los angeles ca and wage was 18.75 then i was hired as a permanent driver i was sent to integrad and i passed now i wonder how much ima going to start an hour as a permanet driver or im keeping the same 18.75 i dont feel confortable tu ask the...
  10. Ancient Alien

    UPS folks! Got a funny story & I'll stay off here for 72-hours

    In the early 90's, my center manager had to do his annual ride with me. As we're out delivering the goods. He tells me that 'so & so' employee calls him at home at 2,3 or 4am and hangs up. I said how do you know that? He said he got one of the first "caller ID's" for his home phone. He explained...
  11. Ancient Alien

    UPSer's. BC is a little more forgiving than the job

    I am right on the edge of getting the 'banned' permanent tag. I'm still alive here. I remember the years at UPS a employee would be in hot water and on CC in the center manager office with Steward and DM before start time and he'd come downstairs and wipe his brow and go that was close... almost got fired...
  12. MXRIDE451

    Wanting info. about the NC Service Centers

    Looking on moving down to NC , from NH. looking at what Centers are better than other? such as less BS, volume, and better people
  13. Catatonic

    Alert UPS driver saves family – including baby and pet dog – from house fire

    Alert UPS driver saves family – including baby and pet dog – from house fire - WHOTV An alert UPS driver is being credited with saving a man and his child from a house fire on Thursday afternoon. Fire officials say UPS driver Jeremy Brandt was on his route when he spotted smoke coming from...
  14. B

    Drivers application question

    So, I got my driver's application from UPS, and they want the requisite driving violations history. Several decades back I had a DUI. Does this totally preclude me from consideration? Second question, they want to know the date of offense and conviction, and I don't know. I caĺed the court and...
  15. purehavanne

    No Deliveries After 9pm, Including Peak

    Am I the only one who caught this proposal? In section 25 they’re asking the company to call back all drivers by 9pm and no one can be disciplined for missed pieces. EVEN in peak! Could this be the section that causes the strike? Or are they trolling?
  16. J

    Current value of health care package

    Does anyone know what they say the approximate value of the ups health care package is currently? Just wondering.
  17. K

    Belcamp Maryland?? New building to be done this year? Any info?

    Belcamp Maryland?? New building to be done this year? Any info?
  18. B

    Heard new DIAD upgrade coming RDO will be gone

    I don't think the company understands how bad this will be.
  19. PeasAndCarrots

    Exactly how does a strike work?

    With the new contract coming up and UPS showing out with the 70 hour work weeks and hiring SPVD’s, I feel like a strike might actually happen. I’m just not sure exactly what that entails for us as union members and I have a couple of questions if someone could answer. 1) Is the strike fund...
  20. B

    Brothers working in the same hub.

    I was wondering if brothers could work in the same hub on the same shift and I was also wondering if let's say if the hiring manager does get a workers brother on and puts them on the same shift knowing that they are related and other management found out would they fire...