I know people are getting sick of answering questions about pay raises..

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  1. BearcatShane09

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    So please forgive me as this will be the last time I ask.. I was hired on September 8th 2009 and I make 12.00 an hour now as I have my pickoff pay. I know I have this .70 raise that will be payed retro when everything gets worked out but will I recieve an additional raise on September 8th of this year for my four year progession or am I at 12.70 for the whole year? Thank you to whoever responds, it's much appreciated.
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    The new part-time progression for a skilled position under the national agreement would be: $11.00 at hire. $11.50 at 1 year. $12.00 at 2 years. $13.00 at 3 years. $13.50 at 4 years. (Obviously this is $1 more than the regular part time progression.) Although the general wage increase would bump you to $12.70, since you already have 3 years of seniority you should make no less than $13.00 an hour retroactive to Aug. 1, once everything is settled. You should also get the progression raise to $13.50 when you have 4 years of seniority. After that it would be based on the general wage increases each August. So in your case, the new progression does provide a *little bit* extra boost.
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    The raise at four years would actually be $0.87. not $0.50. So if the new contract isn't hammered out by Sept., he should receive that $0.87 raise, the $0.70 once the contract is settled, along with the retroactive check.
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    Yes, I agree he should get that raise if the contract is not settled, but this is not what a lot of people are telling me.
    So if he does he will be making $13.57 once it passes. Seven cents more than what a new hire will be making in 4 years.
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    I'm starting to think they purposefully made this complicated so that people would think they are getting more than they actually are.
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    I have a buddy who was hired in Aug. of last year. I'll find out exactly when his hire date was, and tell him to keep an eye out for that $0.50 raise he's supposed to receive. If he gets it (I believe this to be the case, seeing as we're still operating under the old contract), I'll bump this thread with any info.
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    With all the "Vote Yes" propaganda from the Union prior to the voting process, I'm pretty sure the company felt confident there was no way this thing was going to play out like it did. Hell, I'm positive the Union didn't believe for a second this is how things would end up. All this confusion and aggravation is merely a bi-product of poor planning on both sides.
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    And to ask another question.....I am a new off the street hire driving package car going for my 30 in 90. My start date was July 15th. I'm at day 12 of my 30 for my seniority. Will my wage be the proposed 18.75? Will I get back pay? And what does the new "progression" look like? What I saw in my local union book was 16.10, 17.25 seniority, then 18 then 20 then top scale??? My steward was not sure. I am with 710 if that helps. I know we negotiate after everything else settles down. Thanks a ton. Happy to be on board.

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    Is it possible that an employees houraly rate would actually go DOWN in any circumstance under the new contract?
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    Registered just to comment here. This thread is extremely relevent to the thoughts I've been having.

    I was hired August 16, 2010, and am about to hit my 3 years seniority. I am currently watching my statements like a hawk to see if I get that 50 cent raise come august 16. I don't work a skilled position currently (although in my opinion PT responder should be a skilled position, but it's such a small group of people the union will never fight for it). Currently making $10.50 an hour.

    With that out of the way, what all the shop stewards tell me is that I'm only getting the 70 cent raise retroactive to august 1st. So when the contract is hammered out, according to them I should make $11.20 an hour.

    But there's several other ways it can go and I'm not convinced based on the language of the contract that it's not supposed to go that way.

    The way that makes logical sense to me is I get my 70 cent raise august 1st to 11.20, then get bumped up to the new contract 3 year seniority to 12.00, since I should make no less than that, then in a year get another 70 cent raise as I'm still on the new contract, and I'm making more than the minimum amount for someone with 4 years seniority.

    There's also the matter of the 50 cent raise that my old contract was supposed to give me which if I got it would temporarily put me up to $11.00. If I got that and the new contract hits, I can see any range of values going from going to 11.20 like the 70 cent raise would have put me at, to 11.70 which is the 50 cent raise and 70 cent raises put together, to 12.00 which is the 3 year seniority rate. Through some glitch in the system 12.50 is technically possible if they did things in the wrong order, but I don't see that happening.

    Right now though I'm planning on just being at 11.20 and hoping for 11.70 or 12.

    Personally, I mostly want the 50+70 raise because I was rather annoyed when I realized I was hired 17 days too late to get both my progression raise and the new contract raise.
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    I got a thing in the Mail a while back from the union saying that Part time pay was going up to $10 and hour come August 1st and if you had any raises before that that would be added to that $10. I checked my check and I still made 9.50 an hour the entire week leading up to August 2nd. I'm driving 80 miles a day for this job and I really would like to be making $11 to help with the gas cost. But from what I'm gathering is that the new contract won't take affect till September??
  12. Notcool

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    80 miles a day to work part time at 10hr for 20hrs a week? Why? quit
  13. RonBurgandy??????????

    RonBurgandy?????????? God is Great, beer is good , People are crazy.

    Complete bs. No one with half a brain would drive 80 miles a day for a $9.50 part time job.
  14. Bagels

    Bagels Family Leave Fridays!!!

    I've worked with plenty of PTers who've traveled long distances. One guy who's been here since 2005 peak travels about 80 miles each way to work everyday. He desperately needed the insurance, his local UPS facility was not hiring and he was sold on 3-5 year wait to go into driving here (which has since escalated to 11+ years). He drives a manual Chevy Aveo that gets ~40 MPG for his commute.
  15. RonBurgandy??????????

    RonBurgandy?????????? God is Great, beer is good , People are crazy.

    Lmfao. Where the hell do you work!!! In the middle of Alaska!?! 80 miles each way Lmfao. Come on man ..for less than $30 a day your gonna drive 160 miles round trip?????? 9.50 an hour 3.5 hours a day after taxes you save money by quitting and going on welfare bro
  16. Bagels

    Bagels Family Leave Fridays!!!

    It's fairly common here, especially among the drivers. 60 miles out from me you can buy 10+ acres of property for about the same price as suburban ranches (literally touching each other) sell around here. I'm not a land person myself -- I'd rather live in the 100th floor of a condo/apartment building overlooking an urban area -- but most people here are.
  17. Cable810

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    Why.. Why not? Where else can I find a job in my small town of 2-3K residents that pays benefits and I can make a career out of? 2 Part-timers just became full time drivers here 2 weeks ago. Sounds like they will be having another part-timer become a full time driver come October(from what I've heard). There will be a few drivers retiring here in the next few years. I've had drivers tell me that they can see me becoming a drive in the next 2 years. I'm next in line in terms of seniority to become a driver. The center doesn't have enough part-time drivers to cover all of the drivers vacations. I turn 20 tomorrow so I'll have a year before I can driver.

    Well consider me stupid but I can see this working for me. Thankfully I've got another job that is covering some of my gas cost and I'm driving a car that gets 25-32 MPG.
  18. sortaisle

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    Nice work on being patient young fella. This has turned into an instant gratification world where patience is snubbed and often derided. It's one of the reasons the divorce rate is so high IMO. Do what you have to do. I think a lot of these guys are urbanites and feel 60 miles would take hours on end. In reality, it's prolly an hour, hour ten at best. And more than likely the calmest parts of your day. That was one advantage when I live 20 miles from work. Took half an hour but by the time I got home, I was calm and UPS' woes were far behind me.
  19. BearcatShane09

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    Did he get this raise or has anybody who was due a raise in August get one? I'm just wondering if the raises from the old contract are still in affect.
  20. superballs63

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    The old contract raises WERE in EFFECT until February when we got the last raise, now another one will not be forth coming until the supplements are ratified and the contract can go into effect.